Customer Acquired Is Not Customer Retained

50% discount doesn’t excite anyone anymore. Extended warranty is what customers have started considering their birth right. If the value of the free item is not at least same as that of the item being purchased, you don’t have your

How Your Job Can Prepare You for the Amazing Journey of Entrepreneurship – Infographic

Do you long to be an entrepreneur? Of course you do. Your own rules, flexible working hours, people working for you, and no office politics. Plus you get to do what you want to every day. When you tell others

Five Mistakes New E Commerce Sites Should NEVER Do!

E Commerce has already taken over the way world functions. Everything can be bought and sold online now, thanks to the local online outreach that many businesses have these days. If you are planning on starting an E Commerce business,

India start-ups at risk as investors close taps, Narendra Modi fund falls short

After pumping billions of dollars into Indian Internet startups in the last 24 months, global investors are cutting that flood back to a trickle as dreams of huge online sales are clouded by soaring valuations and still-distant profits. Even as

Growth Hacking Tips for Startups

Growth hacking refers to a technique developed in marketing by startups in technology that uses analytical thinking, social metrics, and creativity to gain exposure and sell products. The main aim that growth hackers seek to achieve is the selling of

Investors’ pressure push start-ups against the wall: Ronnie Screwvala

Pressure from investors is forcing start-ups to scale up operations too fast, says media entrepreneur and UTV Group founder Ronnie Screwvala. “Several start-ups have had to scale back operations lately. It is not an ecosystem issue, but plain silly investor