Brand Ambassador
Brand Ambassador: Role and advice to identify and choose them

In the field of marketing, the ambassador is above all a customer who loves your product, your brand or your company, to the point of expressing it strongly to his community.

unsucessful people
20 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful and Ineffective Leaders

It's great to model ourselves on the best, but knowing what habits to avoid can also be beneficial.

Content Marketing Strategy
How to Become Indispensable in Your Next Startup Role

We’ve compiled this advice based on learnings from lots of new startup employees and their bosses about what turns a fresh hire into an invaluable team member.

content marketing startups
How to Make your startup Standout from Crowd with Content: Brian Wallace

A lot of startups make the mistake of putting their digital footprint last, but in reality nothing is more important than that identity that faces the world. If I’m a potential investor I’m going to Google your startup. If I