ZoEasy Solutions Raises Seed Funding from Idein Ventures

UAE based ZoEasy Solutions, a start-up founded by Indian national Spandana Palaypu, which uses disruptive technology to connect businesses and consumers with their ideal blue collar workforce, has raised USD 150,000 in its seed round of funding from private equity and venture capital firm, Idein Ventures.

ZoEasy aims to make life easy for individuals and companies through its web and mobile-based E-Commerce platform that enables search customization and selection of the ideal candidate at the click of a button. It offers consumers a personalized “2 in 1” online and offline service that claims to be better, faster and cheaper than the existing market trend. It has started with the domain of domestic workers and has plans to expand the same to all blue-collar workers, and has initiated B2B/B2C offline sales.

Speaking about ZoEasy, Spandana said, “Hiring quality domestic and skilled workforce in the Middle East can be very paper based, expensive, cumbersome and time consuming. The inspiration for this idea came from the problems my own family faced in trying to hire the right full-time house help. I remember my parents physically going to numerous manpower agencies and looking through hundreds of profiles before they finally settled on one. Through further research, I found that several families pan UAE, locals and expatriates alike, faced the same issue on a regular basis due to these agencies lacking an online presence. After digging deeper and consulting with a variety of industry experts, I realized this idea could evolve into a single source platform for blue collar workers.”

“ZoEasy has started with a problem unique to the Middle East and a solution which is first of its kind there. It has identified problem areas in various other countries and is in the process of coming up with more solutions, using similar technology and its business model”, says Mumbai based Ashwin Srivastava of Idein Ventures who has joined the advisory board of the company. US national Mahesh Vellaboyina and Srivastava head Idein Ventures.

Apart from this, ZoEasy has undertaken a major initiative to collaborate with ministries from source countries via their consulates and embassies to help out distressed domestic workers (particularly maids) within the UAE.

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