5 startup ideas which can be kick-started from home

Launching startups is not always about procuring a cool workplace and having a number of employees under your name. You don’t need to kill your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur just because your lifestyle doesn’t all you to devote a fixed number of hours at a particular workplace.

The word ‘startup’ is synonymous with liberty and autonomy. Being an entrepreneur itself means that you are your own boss at any given point in time. In other words, there are a plethora of startups out there which are founded on the principle of working from home (WFH) or remote work.

These startups don’t have a real-time workplace where employees meet daily under one roof get the work done. Instead, employees are often spread over different cities or sometimes even different countries.

Here are 5 startup ideas which can make you an entrepreneur while working from your home:

1) Tech-based companies

There are many tech-based startups which are spread all over the globe and practice a ‘digital nomad’ kind of lifestyle. These startups generally connect software developers/tech experts with the big companies.

Employees often belong to different countries and the different time zones make the company even more accessible and active at all the times.

2) Content distribution companies

Some of the most fastly emerging media houses are primarily based on the principle of remote working. Employees are often given daily or weekly targets. They aren’t constantly monitored by their supervisors. Therefore, the employees have the luxury to work according to their own schedules.

Remote working also allows content distribution companies to cater to all kinds of clients since they can hire workers specialized in specific and diverse fields. All the writers are part of a distributed team.

3) Education based companies

E-learning is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Guides are being quickly replaced by e-books, notes, and online lectures. From middle-aged children to adults, their dependence on their phones and internet for everything is only going to grow so is the education-based startups.

4) Software developing based companies

Many software developing related startups only work with a remote team spread across the globe. These startups work like ‘cloud computing’ for software developers.

Developers throughout the world use each other’s codes, modify them according to their needs and demands of the client and get the work done.

5) Travel-based companies

More and more millennials’ dream job is to travel the whole world and get paid for it. Therefore, many travel based startups today allow different remote workers and entrepreneurs to travel the world without ignoring their work by providing them with co-working spaces during their travels.

The most interesting thing about these startups is that most of them are themselves run by remote workers.

WFH startups or startups based on remote workers actually capture the true essence of entrepreneurship because you are recognized for the work you do, not the numbers of hours you spend sitting on your chair.

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