Why Grocers Need a Mobile App

Why Grocers Need a Mobile App

From mom ‘n’ pop shops and departmental stores to supercenters and e-commerce sites, it’s an overcrowded space in the grocery business. Where does your grocery business stand against such a stiff competition?

While your products, services and promotional offers could be differentiating factors, there isn’t really a surety that customers won’t turn away from you.

If you are looking to deliver a superior level of value to your customers and want them keep coming back, you should definitely consider building a mobile app for your grocery business. Not convinced yet? Then the following reasons would:

Customers find mobile shopping convenient

In today’s fast-paced life, people are short of time to visit a brick-and-mortar store for grocery shopping. They prefer to order grocery online, and if they could do it on their mobile, even better. A study revealed that 86% customers use their mobile devices to prepare for their shopping trips and 59% use their mobile to create a shopping list.

Another study highlighted that 43% of millennials use a mobile app to buy grocery. Customers expect 24/7 mobile-assisted grocery shopping, and an app could make you more searchable.

Builds a robust brand image

A research has indicated that 44% of companies use mobile apps to increase their brand identity, while about 59% do so to increase engagement. A mobile app gives your several business opportunities for maintaining an ongoing conversation with the customers.

It has been found that purchase intent of customers rises by 1.88 percentage points after customers interact with a brand through its app. As the customers begin to trust your grocery brand, they become loyal to you, and even recommend your brand to others. Overall, it builds credibility for your brand as against other competing brands.

Helps to create a loyalty programme

It takes ten times more effort to convert a new customer than sell to an existing one. It is also estimated that existing customers spend 67% more than the newly acquired ones. After recognizing the potential revenue that existing customers can bring, more than 50% of businesses now offer loyalty programmes on mobile apps. In fact, even your customers expect to be rewarded for being loyal to your grocery brand.

You can engage them actively through quizzes, trivia, festive offers, etc., and offer them exclusive discounts, reward points and incentives for every interaction. This will make them feel valued customers and even encourage them to make more purchases through your grocery app. This will further boost your revenues.

Gives insight into customer behaviour

Do your customers prefer to place their grocery order in the evening hours, during the weekends or at the end of the month? What do they shop the most for – staples, fruits & vegetables, bakery or baby products? What mode of payment do they select? What time do they like grocery to be delivered? Mobile apps enable you to track your customers’ shopping behaviour, and accordingly deliver personalized product and service delivery recommendations based on their specific needs.

Customized services will create a ‘wow’ experience for your customers and make them feel happy shopping with your brand.

Mobile apps are an add-on to your business

Today, all businesses, including grocers, need to be present at multiple touchpoints for the customers. Be it a website, physical store or social media, customers engage on every channel. Mobiles are most connected and trusted devices. Hence, a mobile app is crucial as an add-on to your business and as a part of your omni-channel strategy. A mobile app can complement your marketing efforts across all channels and act as an additional source of revenue.

Mobile apps can enable your grocery business to take the customer experience to the next level simply at the tap of a button! If you don’t have an app, get working on it quickly.

Amit Dua

Amit is the Co-Founder of Signity Solutions – a technology platform with the vision of delivering high quality, scalable and highly reliable solutions/services in the space of digital enablement, spanning across mobile apps, web & social media presence along with enterprise productivity solutions/integrations. He is also the Founding Partner of ValueAppz Solutions - ValueAppz helps businesses - small and large - leverage the benefit of mobile & web technology for the critical - extended reach. Through its customised, comprehensive and turnkey solutions, it enables the business/service to go online easily, and in no time. Before starting his stint as an entrepreneur, he worked for over 15 years in the technical field and was heading the R & D team at Spice Telecom (formerly Celleburm) and delivered many key solutions under his leadership. These include USSD Gateway, SMS Gateway, Preferred Roaming Solution and many others. He has also handled multiple software development and deliveries with a thriving team of more than 40 developers. Amit loves technology and knows how and where to bring it to use in a creative, innovative way. As a people’s manager, he has an experience of scaling organisations and building high performance teams. A tech-evangelist, he has an uncanny ability to synergies and build associations, thriving teams and reputable clients. His vision to grow his decade old company as per global standards, and his deep analytical skills to foresee market trends as well as global challenges has enabled his company to come up with products and services best suited for not only local, but global markets as well. His peoples’ skills and sharp business acumen have helped him in building successful sales and product management teams to ensure increased brand awareness and demand generation. While he is an Engineering Graduate, he also loves driving, working-out, reading and spending time with his family.

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