I started WhiteCub at a time when dairy alternatives were not yet much available in Indian markets .In the name of dairy alternatives, all one could procure was Soy Milk and tofu .

It was impossible for a person ,who wanted to avoid dairy , to be able to enjoy stuff like creamy –milky icecreams or yogurt or even cakes for that matter ! Abroad these things are available in plenty .Regular markets there do stock dairyfree icecreams, yogurts, butters , milks, etc. of different brands .

By now, while WhiteCub DairyFree IceCreams are steadily deepening their distribution across different cities of India , the parent company, Compassionate Choices Pvt Ltd, has also been sharpening its focus on its other products – yogurts, milks and bakery .

Yes, I started WhiteCub amdist conditions of there being a need for these products but no company yet doing them .

My inspiration- each and every person whom I met during my extensive years of plant based nutrition outreach .I had already encountered many such people within India who really wanted to switch to a dairyfree diet but were being held back due to absence of alternatives in the market .These people became my inspiration .My children became my inspiration.

I knew I had to create foods which I could confidently feed to my own children , devoid of harmful chemicals and devoid of dairy .

Kind of Business- Production and Supply of DairyFree IceCreams in high-end retail stores and Catering in marriages, etc.

Target Market- Health conscious , well travelled cosmopolitan millennials .People wanting to avoid dairy due to ethics or diagnosis of dairy allergy / lactose intolerance / gluten allergy / celiac disease .

Ø Market Size- Ice Cream Market in India is Estimated to be Over INR 4,000 Crores*

Ø Growing at a Rate of 15-20% Year-On-Year

Ø By 2019, the Market will Reach Around INR 6,198 Crores

Ø Premium Ice Creams constitute over 6%(~240 Cr) of the total Ice Cream market in India**

Ø WhiteCub’s share has grown exponentially with 8x increase in sales since its inception.

USP- WhiteCub is India’s first CholesterolFree, TransFatFree and GlutenFree certified DairyFree IceCreams . We do not use at all the nasty and cheap hydrogenated fats – the common ingredient in what are called as frozen desserts .Our fats are not derived from dairy for sure but they remain of a premium quality .Plant milks and nonhydrogenated plant milk derived creams go into WhiteCub .

Future Plans- To deepen our distribution network in the four cities-DelhiNCR, Mumbai ,Bangalore and Chennai .To do marketing with due allocation of funds to this division .We have pulled ourselves this far till now with zero marketing budget .

CrowdFunding’s Relevance – Its helping in spreading the word of WhiteCub. Its expanding our networking circles .Its reviving our bonds with our loyal clients .

Failures- ‘ve never had the time to ponder over them if there have been any failures .Failures come by , teach us a lesson or two and go away .That should be their only limited relevance in our lives.One should not repent or regret thinking of them repeatedly .

Challenges- Marketing endeavours while remaining on a bootstrapped model ; Logistics .


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