How This Startup Helps You Live Stream & Record Your Special Moments

Communication is the key to success in all walks of life and what better way to communicate than to LIVE STREAM. Finally the Mobile APP is here that can turn your ordinary chats into effective communications  – face-to-face and real time action!

vevooChats can be a lot of work in terms of typing, editing, correcting and then posting. With all this there are high chances of misinterpreting the textual content. That is why mobile video streaming  with chat is so effective. But all the current Live video streaming apps are not as user-friendly or private as some of the popular chatting apps. That is why Team ventured to make this revolutionary communications app.

vac inspiration came to Harry Sangha when he or his wife missed various special moments in their kids & dear ones lives, near and far due to work, time or distance limitations.

Also, Harry realized that even though he had multiple digital cameras and camcorders he was still just using his smartphone all the time for video recording precious moments and sharing them with contacts and after few recordings he would have get annoying “Storage Full” messages on his phone which made him lose out on recording precious moments.

This made Harry think that there had to be a better way to communicate, record and share live moments with your close contacts across different types of mobile phones (cross platform), worldwide and in different languages.

wevoo team

Harry Sangha, Deepak Khanduri and Krishna Kumar

Harry and his friends Deepak Khanduri and Krishna Kumar then drove the live interactive communication and live cloud DVR idea to deliver the WeVoo app. He steered the entire idea through a through investigation and brainstorming and also staying in tune with the pulse of the daily communications needs of everyday people. is the next generation communications app. We can no longer accept simple typed messages, photos or audio messages when it comes to viewing any important moments, small or big, in our lives. We want to experience in real time the wedding of a friend or relative, or the first steps of our children or the first word she or he spoke. We want to see our children perform on stage in school or watch mom cooking from across the globe, not through dry images or video snap shots but through LIVE streaming in real time. WeVoo offers this and much more. It can store all the videos on cloud instead of losing them forever only to become crucial data for a vulturine advertiser on social media sites.

Logging into WeVoo with Private LIVE streaming ensures you maintain your privacy without anyone knowing about it. It lets invite friends and family to view your private action or video chat. You have the option to enable your content to be viewed by a select audience. Unlike passive viewing of LIVE TV, here you get to comment and share views while the live streaming is going on! Wevoo will, in short, make the entire world become smaller, closer, honest and more communicative.

Available on Android & iOS, WeVoo can live stream any action with a single step.

So go ahead by Live Streaming your special moments and experience the phenomenon that is going to rock your world

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