Uber Ties Up With Zomato To Provide Cab Rides When Dining Out.

Uber and Zomato are joining hands to make your dining out experience even better and more smooth than ever before. In fact, it’s never been easier. The partnership allows customers on Zomato to book a cab to the restaurant where they plan to dine.

zomato & uber tie up Zomato users will now be able to instantly see the estimated pickup time, fare and travel time to the restaurant they are looking up, from their current location powered by Uber. The service is already available to Zomato users in London and South Africa and is now being offered in 27 new cities, including places in India, the United States, Australia and elsewhere.


Zomato will add an Uber button on the restaurant page and if you’ve found the place where you plan to go, you can simply tap the button to find the nearest Uber vehicle. Users will also be able to choose the Uber service that best suits them, says Zomato.

Pankaj Chaddah, Co-Founder and COO of Zomato, said, “We’re constantly looking for ways to make every meal, for everyone, a great experience. This partnership makes eating out more convenient with the Zomato app connecting to Uber services seamlessly.”

“This update makes it easier to get moving and check out all the hottest new eateries in your city. Now, we’re thrilled to expand this integration with the Zomato team to make that experience easier and more delectable than ever. We are looking forward to finding new and innovative ways to partner with Zomato to create a seamless experience for our riders and make the world’s cities more enjoyable and accessible” as stated in Uber’s Blog.

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