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In 21st Century, where technology is changing our lives on a rapid pace mobile is one such blessing to the society. Smartphones has brought a revolutionary change from making work easier by connecting via emails to transferring data faster than ever before and enabling wireless Wi-Fi technology. Mobile devices no more require wires for data connectivity. However, charging still demands a chord. In Our daily lives, how much ever we invest in buying a good mobile phone with good battery backup still at the end of the end we keep howling for chargers in our bags and in case one forgets a charger, our life comes to a standstill situation. Although power banks have become handy still the pain to charge it and stay connected with a cord wherever you travel is painful.

We understand your pain so to solve this problem, we developed innovative wireless charging technology to charge low-power electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. Our technologies are unique by nature and first to market which provides wireless charging. Consumer can charge their smartphone through smartphone camera, you can also be charged by power sharing just like sharing image and music by SHAREit. Our technology will also be able to charge current existing smartphone without any further modification. Every time you get light, the device will recharge automatically. We will make charging too flexible, hassle-free, just make your life simple.

You can find some wireless Induction charging technology in market, but these technologies are not so popular as they offer low charging distance, should put your smartphone on that. Also, there is a heating effect of devices. Proper orientation is also needed, expensive. Some companies are working on Radio Frequency (RF) technology, but this technology has low efficiency, deliver less power, not safe to health. Also, available RF spectrum is running out; close to full capacity. Our technology will deliver long charging distance, no heating effect, safe to health, much wider unlimited spectrum; 10,000 times wider than the spectrum of RF, more economical with more advantages than RF and other technologies.

We have a huge market potential. Our target market includes Smartphones, Tablets, Music players, Wearable, Smart watches, Speaker, Headphones, Mouse/keyboard, Household products, Industry Smartphone makers and other low-power electronic devices.We have globally Total Available Market of 7B and Serviceable Available Market of 2.6B+ for smartphone, as per TRAI, International Telecommunication Union (ITU), World Bank Population Data,,

As per our USP is concerned, we use Pulsating Light rather than RF, you can charge your smartphone through smartphone camera, charge by power sharing. Our technology is more safety, more spectrum, more efficiency, economical. Current existing smartphone without any further modification.

Our next plan is to solve the problems of billions. People can charge their smartphone from anywhere, anytime without any traditional charger. It will change the system of charging, bringing a new revolution in the field of charging technology. We look forward towards wireless technology, just to make life more simple.

Crowdfunding provides startups the opportunity to connect with consumers who want the product to succeed. We think our product is disruptive. It’s different, the technology is different, 1st to market. Consumer would like to see new technology, flexible, seamless technology-the technology that will make life simple. We wanted to do what consumers wanted; not what investors wanted.

One of the biggest challenges was to come up with a perfect team. I came from a core technical background and as a Mechanical Engineering background I had to find qualified, passionate guy from Electrical/Electronic Engineering background. It took me almost 3 months to streamline everything, but I finally found the best team.

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