Inspired by Problem faced this startup have story that will Amaze you

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We have seen many startups who start their journey with a problem faced and they tried to solve the issue with their minds. Tailorzone have a same story to tell that will amaze you.

It was the month of February, when Jay receive a CALL from my college friend who was going to get married. They have spent our college life together and so he was super excited to  join him on his wedding.

On that weekend, he bought some good formal shirt and pant piece, which he was suppose to get it stitched from his tailor. During week days, it was always difficult for him to visit his Tailor, but at last, some how he manage to visit by tailor.

tailorzone startup storyHe went to tailor, gave him the dress material and requested him to get it done in next 5 days as the wedding was just 1 week away. To his surprise, tailor refused to accept his order, as it was festival season and he was over loaded with his other orders.

Jay tried checking with few other tailors as well in my area, but all of them gave him the same answers. At last Jay was left with no other option, but to buy some ready-made formals (which of course were not the perfect fit for me). Somehow He managed it and attended my friend wedding.

After wedding, when he was back in my office, he shared this experience with his colleagues and a small group discussion ended up with an idea of Tailor Zone.

This is how a startup must start their journey ( not by going to tailor in every case ) but to find a problem and providing solution to it.

So, we have TailorZone founders today to share their experiences with us.

Tell us what Tailorzone is all about? 

tailorzoneTailorZone is an online tailor shop for women. This concept is very new and unique for Ahmedabad females; here we offer doorstep stitching service to women. In this service user needs to schedule a pick-up request, tailor come to their home and collect the order. Finally once the order is completed, garments are delivered backed to their home.

This service is design specifically for the working and business women who usually don’t get time to visit tailor or boutique shops based on their hectic work schedules.

Why Tailorzone,  why not any other Fancy type startup? 

priyanka tailorzoneI am Software engineer by degree. I have worked on various positions for an IT company starting from Programmer to Project Manager and Business Head. Along with me, my co-founder Priyanka Brahmbhatt is also from the similar degree and professional background.

There were two major motivation factors behind starting this service

First, Last year I face the similar problem of not able to find a good tailor when I was in real need of him. And so I thought, there should be such service for users which can be easily reachable, reliable and accessible.

– Second reason was my mom. She is a tailor by profession and serving professional boutique service from past 25 years. Along with this, she is also running sewing stitching classes for women to help them become self-independent. By now, she has educated more than 5000 women and for this.


What mistakes have you made thus far in this business and what have you learned?

In this start-up from the very beginning I was involved and looking after the business/branding and promotion part and I have assigned few team members who were looking after the operation part.

But later I realised that, I need to get involve in every aspect of the business just to ensure process is running smoother. Then after I started getting in involved into the operational process, tried to understand how the system it working and come-up with few good ideas to make the current process more smoother and easier from the end customer prospective.

As a founder, what do believe to be the end goal for this startup?

We have defined both short term and long term plans

Short Term

– Adding men category

– Offering Express Service (delivery in 48 hours)

Long Term

– Targeting corporate sector

– Offering personalize designing consultant which is missing

We are also planning to replicate this model in few other cities of Gujarat and may come-up with a franchise or market place model.


What helps you when you doubt yourself?

When I have a doubt about my idea or else feel like giving up, I always watch this video

of my role model and that boost me up J (I have saved this YouTube offline video to watch is easily when I don’t have internet)

” don’t listen to anyone when your inner soul is saying YOU CAN DO IT.”