Over 1000 Uber employees are reportedly petitioning for Travis Kalanick to stay

Despite seemingly endless scandal and drama, More than 1000 Uber employees are allegedly so unhappy that co-founder Travis Kalanick stepped down as CEO Tuesday that they’re circulating a petition to reverse the situation. The petition, which leads users to an

Uber CEO To Employees: To Work On Uber 2.0, I Also Need To Work On Travis 2.0

Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick reportedly told employees in a staff-wide email that the main reason he is leaving the battered company is to work on personal issues. Kalanick’s departure comes as former Obama-era attorney general and hired investigator Eric

Uber could double investment if returns are good, says CEO Travis Kalanick

Uber could double its current committed investment of $1 billion in India if it sees more than five times the return, its co-founder and chief executive Travis Kalanick said yesterday. “If we see five times the return on our spending,