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Content Marketing Strategy

How to develop your Content Marketing Strategy – Indian Example

You may have read my earlier blog, Building Blocks for developing your Content Marketing Strategy; now let us take a look at one Indian...

Numbers Don’t Matter, Influence Does

The importance that people and brands place on follower counts or the impressions...

What to do when startup success feels elusive

7 things to analyze before you throw in the towel and give up. Building a startup...

Don’t spend anything on marketing until you’ve read this

How to redefine the competitive landscape and win your first 1,000 customers. Marketing where your competitors do...

Viral Marketing – How it Actually Works!

The advent of social media has led to the increased usage of a word – VIRAL! People, agencies, companies... everyone wants their articles, photos,...

This Is How You Can Get Famous On Social Media

What seemed like an unfamiliar territory a decade ago, is almost the new oxygen of human survival. The undeniably successful platform called social media...

What 2016 holds for the Indian Entrepreneurs?

Looking back at 2015, one can safely comment that this was one of the most important years for start-ups, where the focus was not...

Emergence of Mobile Marketing in India

The internet population in India is growing at a healthy rate. With 400 million internet users in...

Housing.com launches branding solution product ‘Brand Falcon’ for real estate developers

Realty portal Housing.com rolled out a new product that will offer marketing and branding solutions to real estate developers. The new product ‘Brand Falcon’ is...