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8 Steps To Convert Your Business Idea Into A Winning One

Look around and you will see a lot of start-ups struggling to remain afloat. They were launched with a lot of promise and fanfare...

Business Principles That Never Go Out of Style

Some business tenets tend to come and go. A company I worked for started a number of "game-changing" transformational programs only to quickly airbrush...

Vodafone to sell 9.5% additional stake to Aditya Birla after merger

Vodafone has agreed to sell 9.5 per cent additional stake to Aditya Birla Group for ₹130 per share after they merge their telecom...

I have a feeling that my next big unicorn idea will be stolen!

Well, everybody at some point of time get this feeling and it is absolutely normal. Why “NORMAL” because it is genuine feeling that comes...

Think Big!!! Why It Is Crucial To Choose Ambitious Idea For Your Startup

“Being Ambitious” is all about believing in yourself even when no one else in the world does… this famous quote wasn’t just made for...

Why nobody will steal your shitty start-up idea

1- Because nobody cares. 2- Because an idea is 1% and execution...