How This Mumbai Startup is creating Ripples in Personal Lives!

The rise of e-commerce has opened doors not only for regular products like electronics, groceries and food, etc., but also for an unorthodox industry– the sexual wellness and sexual products industry. Still nascent, this industry is a response to a

What To Do When Business Growth Stalls

Growing any business is hard. Sustaining that growth over time is even harder. You have to contend with new competitors, market dynamics, employees leaving and the law of large numbers, among other things. If it hasn’t happened already, sooner or

10 Tips to Help You Become More Accountable and Responsible in Your Organization

The success of any team or organization depends on a number of factors. One of the key factors driving the success of organizations is accountability. Accountability means that every individual can take responsibility in his or her respective areas of

Success and Failure

Humans like to look at others and say whether someone is successful or not. As much as we enjoy talking about successes and failures we do not have the ability to accurately define success and failure. Honestly, it is hard

An open letter to the entrepreneur within me

Hi, there!!, Its 11:45 am, Wednesday, 16th September 2015. Exactly 1017 days, after you got your first job. Do you remember your first day? The smile of satisfaction & achievement on your face, the soothing fragrance of newly brought deodorant,

You Should Stop Looking for Venture Capital

We want what we can’t have. And yet it can be argued that your chances of success are greater if you stop looking for VC money and focus your energy on bootstrapping your business and attracting customers. Sharing a Slideshare

Fear Of Change Vs Career Opportunity — Is This Bump Worth A Jump?

Beep, beep, beep!!! Your morning alarm blubbers you out of your dream filled sleep and let you know that it is MONDAY. Those blissful moments of your warm bed shatters your mood as you remember about the pile load of

Is inventing something new necessary for startups?

Do you have to invent something completely “new” to have a successful startup? Absolutely not! Most of the great startups of our time were evolutionary, not revolutionary. Google’s search engine was certainly better than the dozens that came before it,

Hey Mr. Entrepreneur; That’s Okay To Be Called Wacky!

Recently I asked a fellow member at the party, a budding entrepreneur, just what it makes them so passionate about their work. Not just him, I have few in my circles who are successful business owners and have repeated the

Finding Nemo at all the Wrong Places is what Entrepreneurs do when they are finding Co-Founders for their Startups!

We have come across many such old sayings … Partners In Crime Two Heads Better Than One bla bla bla … hearing them may make you feel good as they are classy sayings but these quotes very much relates to those entrepreneurs

5 Business Tips to Go From Startup to Grownup

Look, whether you’re excited about your brand new startup or you’re starting to lose excitement from objections, conflict, lost revenue or a bad business plan — none of that matters. The reality is you can’t grow your startup to a grownup without

Is your boss a Jerk? Situations & how to handle them!

1. The boss lets small problems slide, but then comes down like a ton of bricks when one of those problems gets out of control. An employee should keep an eye out for problems of any kind related to their

Is your boss a Jerk? Situations & how to handle them!

1. The boss lets small problems slide, but then comes down like a ton of bricks when one of those problems gets out of control. An employee should keep an eye out for problems of any kind related to their

PayPal launches “Start Tank” Incubation Challenge targeting startups

Online payment solutions provider PayPal has launched the fourth round of its Start Tank Incubation Challenge targeting startups that would use PayPal’s Technology centre in Chennai. PayPal Start Tank Incubator was launched in 2013, in partnership with The Indus Entrepreneurs

SRCC to set up a incubation centre to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students

SRCC will soon become the first undergraduate commerce college in India to set up a centre for startups. The operational cost of Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship will be borne by Niti Aayog and other government agencies. Initial funding

Things to consider before starting a startup

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting time in anyone’s life. The realization of personal aspirations, and putting ideas into practice drives many of us to starting a business. The potential for financial reward also works as a key motivator,

Lessons I learned from working with hundreds of startup founders

Over the last couple of years I’ve helped more than hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders, employees and other people involved in startups and corporate projects. While I strongly believe that the overall quality is improving, I’m still surprised to see how