Country’s Start-Ups Regime Complex, Difficult: Amitabh Kant

Admitting that the country’s regime for start-ups is “complex and difficult”, a top official on Tuesday said the government was working “in a big way” to improve the country’s taxation, patent and registration ecosystem. “… regime for start-ups is complex

Snapdeal launches multi lingual platform in 12 languages and brings digital commerce closer to the next 130 Million Indians

Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace, today unveiled its multilingual interface to enable millions of Indians to overcome language barriers and shop online in their preferred regional language. Starting today, Snapdeal’s user interface on the mobile will be available in Hindi

Is inventing something new necessary for startups?

Do you have to invent something completely “new” to have a successful startup? Absolutely not! Most of the great startups of our time were evolutionary, not revolutionary. Google’s search engine was certainly better than the dozens that came before it,

Sudhir Menon, Atul Hegde launch $50 million startup fund to invest and mentor earlystage start-ups

Industrialist Sudhir Menon and Digital Marketer Atul Hegde have joined hands to launch a $50 million start-up fund. The two have formed Rainmaker Ventures, which will invest in start-ups in India and three more countries. Rainmaker Ventures has set a target

Finding Nemo at all the Wrong Places is what Entrepreneurs do when they are finding Co-Founders for their Startups!

We have come across many such old sayings … Partners In Crime Two Heads Better Than One bla bla bla … hearing them may make you feel good as they are classy sayings but these quotes very much relates to those entrepreneurs

How Business Planning and Reporting Can Kill Innovation

Unless you are a fortune teller, long term business planning is a fantasy. Why don’t we call plans what they really are: guesses. Start referring to your business plans as business guesses , your financial plans as financial guesses and your

5 Business Tips to Go From Startup to Grownup

Look, whether you’re excited about your brand new startup or you’re starting to lose excitement from objections, conflict, lost revenue or a bad business plan — none of that matters. The reality is you can’t grow your startup to a grownup without

“Entrepreneurs Are Rocket Scientists” — Cut That Bullshit!

The idea of being entrepreneur is ever appealing. However, it takes a lot of determination, will power and of course good many efforts to keep the ball rolling. While looking at any startup entrepreneur story, any new entrepreneur might think

Government sets up mechanism to support startup businesses

A mechanism known as SETU to support all aspects of startup businesses and other self- employment activities has been set up by the government, Lok Sabha was informed today. Union Minister for Skill Development Rajiv Pratap Rudy said the National

Starting a business is a marathon: 5 expert tips to avoid burnout

Stress and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. In addition to the high-pressure moments — such as an investor pitch or launch day — the day-to-day lifestyle takes its toll. Getting a business off the ground is hard work and the

India could see about 11,500 startups being established by 2020; Experts

As the Narendra Modi government focuses on helping the startups in the country grow, India could see about 11,500 startups being established by 2020, say industry trackers. Not just that more about Rs 15,600 crore or $ 2.25 bn could

Harsh Business Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

You can learn these precepts the way most people do — by getting them wrong and setting yourself back. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And the more quickly you pick them up, the more successful you can be. Much

India needs to encourage entrepreneurship, new ventures: Ratan Tata

Former chairman of Tata Group Ratan Tata today said India needs to transform itself into a place that supports entrepreneurship and should cultivate an environment that enables setting up of new businesses. He also advised budding entrepreneurs to think about

How To Raise Capital At Large Tech or Networking Events

I recently returned from an intense week in Dublin for Web Summit, where 2,000+ startups and 30,000+ attendees whip themselves into a frenzy of pitching, hustling and deal-making activity. I had a unique perspective on the event since I was wearing

Things I’d do differently next time around if I was to start another company

I love reading blogs by founders who try to give back and share what they’ve learned building their companies, so today I’ll try and do the same. When I look back over the last 15 years building 4 different companies

Investors’ pressure push start-ups against the wall: Ronnie Screwvala

Pressure from investors is forcing start-ups to scale up operations too fast, says media entrepreneur and UTV Group founder Ronnie Screwvala. “Several start-ups have had to scale back operations lately. It is not an ecosystem issue, but plain silly investor

The Value of Thought

Do you know why Achimedes came up with the ‘Archimedes Principle’ in his bathtub? Not because he experienced it. Its because that was the only place where he could THINK peacefully! My obsession with thinking began when I started writing

The best Social Media practices for the Lead Generation that takes minimum amount of efforts!

There is a lot of buzz surrounding social media when it comes to generating leads for business. The research shows that the number one issues that small business owners are facing today is not having enough qualified prospects. Every startup

The traits that make a great sales person great!

The only way to make it big in this economy is pursuing, “SALES” career. It is the only thing that pays. As per the famous quote goes, “Sell or be sold”. If you are not good at hiring, your business

Why an Issue Tracking System is a Boon for Startups?

Barring few exceptions, startups usually initiate their operations with a small amount of investment. Due to this limitation, investment in tools take place after much deliberations and return on investment (ROI) is usually a concern. Typically the return is in

Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings

Like everyone, appearing smart during meetings is my top priority. Sometimes this can be difficult if you start daydreaming about your next vacation, your next nap, or bacon. When this happens, it’s good to have some fallback tricks to fall

Things to consider before starting a startup

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting time in anyone’s life. The realization of personal aspirations, and putting ideas into practice drives many of us to starting a business. The potential for financial reward also works as a key motivator,

Things Every Startup Needs to Do to Succeed – Infographic

You might think that starting up a new business is easy, but you couldn’t be more wrong. To build up a successful startup, you will need to work incredibly hard. New technologies, products and services are flooding into the market