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Steps to Successful Mobile App Launch

With hundreds of mobile apps launching every month, your business app is just another one in the game. You have spent a huge chunk of resources in developing an app, so why leave aside the marketing angle of it?

It is important to design a robust launch strategy to announce the arrival of your app with a bang. Or else, how else will you ensure a maximum number of downloads?

Here are various steps that go into creating a buzz around your app launch.

Start a pre-launch hype

A few weeks before your app is ready to hit the market, start spreading a word around it through a sneak peek preview. If you have social media accounts, you can display messages such as ‘something exciting coming up’ or ‘our new app is coming soon’ to create awareness among your audience. You can create a teaser landing page explaining the features and benefits of the app. This will help you to drive extra traffic to the app store after the app is launched. You can even list your app on early adopter communities such as PreApps, Product Hunt, Beta List or CrunchBase where users can sign-up to become beta testers, review the app or get notified of when the app is released.

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Define a Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your mobile app different from your competitors? Is it the design, features, interactive experience, free download or anything else? All your marketing messages should consistently communicate around this USP. You should tell the customers ‘why’ it is distinctive from others instead of simply focusing on ‘what’ part of it.

Focus on App Store Optimization

A lot depends on the first few lines of app description in the app stores. Make sure that this description gives a concise and first glance narrative of the app to spark the user interest. Also, make the app store description is SEO-friendly since the right set of keywords will drive the traffic from search engines to your app.

Get Influencers/Bloggers on Board Leverage the power of influencer marketing. Statistics reveal that 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media reference and on an average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing. You can tap app industry influencers/bloggers to start conversations on your app on their personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media handles.

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Prepare a Press Release

A formal press release stating the launch of your mobile app will do wonders to enhance the credibility of your app and reach out to the target audience. This press release can be published in the newspapers, magazines and online media, and can be also shared on your web platforms and e-mail list. The press kit should generally include a write-up about the app, graphics or creatives, an explanatory video, links to social media accounts, contact details and sign-up details. It would be a good idea to create a landing page specifically for the app launch and mention it in the press kit.

Work on the User Feedback

A crucial element to the app’s launch is listening to the user feedback. After the launch, users may share their experiences through reviews. Pay attention to each and every review to get insight into what users think about an app. Take critical suggestions in your stride and make the required improvements to the app. After the changes, do remember to update the users. This will increase user engagement and retention.

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The mobile app launch is a synchronized melody of consciously targeted marketing elements. The world needs to know about the existence of your app, so invest every bit of your resource in launching it.