Significance of Social Media in Today’s Business

Present social media marketing plays a pivotal role for business.

Social media is a best medium to convey our information easily and effectively online. From last 7 or 8 years we have seen a sudden increase and progression on Social media sites. Presently the Most diversified Social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn etc.

significance of social media on today's  businessSocial media marketing is the efficient way to get traffic diverted through different platforms as mentioned. Social media marketing mainly highlights the content by inviting and boosting the readers to share their views on various Social networks.

Social media marketing statistics:-

  • 92% of marketers declared that social media marketing plays a vital role for their business.
  • 97% of marketers are showing interest by participating in social media ( Report by Social Media Examiner).
  • 62% of the marketers said Social media played dynamic role in marketing past 6 months (state of Inbound marketing, 2012). Presently, Companies that picked up Customers are from Social media.
  • 80% of the Social network users desire to connect brands through Facebook.

As per the stats an average of 42 minutes were spent by users on Facebook daily. The above Statistics exhibits a vast prospective of social media marketing to surge sales.

Social media marketing (S.M.M) is swiftly becoming as one of the most significant fragments of marketing approach. Many Companies are discovering different ways of social media marketing to get success and growth for their business.

Focus on Brand Recognition:

Social media networks are new footpaths for your brand Recognition . Social media marketing creates your product recognition easily for new customers, and detectable for existing customers. Let us take an example, a persistent Social media user might perceive about the company furthermore, feeds news about the Company, the Companies products and services offered through all Social media platforms. Many Customers familiar with the brand, will check always check for the brand existence on various Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., Sometimes nonchalant customers will also show interest to the brand after seeing on multiple networks and Multiple Social media sites.

Offers Trade mark for your Product:

Social media marketing essentially trademark your products. Recently, Texas Tech University issued a report stating, “Products which take part on social media sites, will have the chances of receiving higher trademark. Social media marketing is the best tool for the Companies to get connected with their audience.

Best path to Contact with Customers:

It is the best path for the Companies to contact with their Customers. How? If you create any post on a social media platform, then Customers will find an opportunity to contact. Thus, attracting new potential customers. Customers will share to the Posts that may be blog post, image, video, or comment that were shared on Social media sites. Existing and old customers will get the updates about the Product straightaway. .

Getting rankings Through Social media:

 Your inbound traffic is limited to some users, those who know you’re brand name and familiarity with your strong keywords and strategies for your users. Social media networking sites will give one backlink to your website to get rank in google page, so that you have to maintain unique and worthy content for every social media site and that unique and worthy Content will give a new user to your website. To get more traffic to your site the content should be unique and you have to generate a positive hope on your site to get more conversions to your site.

Marketing Costs:

To generate traffic to your website six hours per week effort is enough according to Google statistics. Compare to social media six hours is not important investment for a channel. The result of your patience and your efforts will be shown as traffic to your site if you can spend just one hour a day to develop your content and strategy. Advertising through Facebook and Twitter is relatively cheap. Start with a trivial budget and you will never have to burden about budget—once you get a respectable position for what you expected, then you increase the budget and your traffic automatically conversions to your site and you will never get back if you maintain the same.

Best way to get Search Engine Rankings:

SEO is the better way to get traffic to your site from the search engines but the needs are changing day by day as the user search is changing. So your website must be modernized with fresh data and unique data then your website will acquire good rank in Google page. If you catch the rank then you get the translations to your site automatically and your website gets clicked by everyone. To update your website only the thing you have to change your keywords i.e., Meta tags, Meta description and the outbound and inbound links pointing your site. Google and Search Engines are ranking the pages according to the social media as main testimonial for every website so that every website must be aware and updated with the social media and daily modernize your Meta tags and other aspects which influence the site rank.

Significance of Social Media in Today’s Business

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