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5 Sins Brands Commit on Social Media

As you all know Copyblogger took down its Facebook page. The reason, it said, was that the website wasn’t getting traffic from Facebook. Engagement levels were about a trickle and they were unable to achieve their ultimate purpose – conversions.

4 Key Things to consider Before creating a Social Media Strategy

Before you start creating a result oriented Social Media Strategy, consider these four basic things: 1. Know your Customer:  Do not follow the trend what others are following, understand who your customers are and where you can find them. If my

Doing Social Media Marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea!

It needs more than just usual posting and networking nitty gritty. Today, having an online presence is essential to take your business to the next level. The markets are expanding globally and to cross new horizons, the businesses require smart

How To Re-evaluate The Value Of Your Time Spent On Social Media Platforms

Is social media not working for your business? Are you still struggling to form a social media connection with your customers? You have just haven’t resonated with your audiences and the struggle is still on. The truth is that there

What Social Media “Experts” Are Doing Wrong

Hey, you. Yeah you. Are you on Twitter? Let’s be real: if you’re reading this, it’shighly unlikely that you are not on Twitter. Ever notice how self proclaimed social media “experts” just tweet links all day? Yeah. Like, all day

How Indian Startups are Using Social Media (A Report on I00 Indian Startups)

Social media has changed the way people operated business. Brands use social media to achieve multiple business objectives from brand awareness to customer acquisition. From interacting with the target market and raising awareness to business growth and customer service, the

Why 90 Percent Brands Fail on Social Media

I love digital marketing. So, every time I meet a business executive or owner, the conversations veers to social media. They ask me the inevitable question, “How can I sell my products on social media?” I give the inevitable answer,

Social Media Marketing and Entrepreneurs

Some entrepreneurs and marketing experts see social media advertising as nothing more than a passing fad, something that marketers should take advantage of now with aggressive advertising campaigns before the “next big thing” comes along. In some respects, they could

Why Social Media Chat Bots Are the Future of Communication

With everyone talking about bots, I wanted to help provide deeper context about the future possibilities and how bots will reshape the entire marketing, eCommerce, social media, and services industry. We are entering a stage of conversational apps – a

Freshdesk acquires Airwoot, Social Customer support startup

Freshdesk Inc. on Wednesday said it has acquired Airwoot, which helps companies spot customer queries and complaints on social media. Airwoot was founded in 2012 by by a team of PhD dropouts lead by Saurabh Arora. The startup raised investment

Significance of Social Media in Today’s Business

Present social media marketing plays a pivotal role for business. Social media is a best medium to convey our information easily and effectively online. From last 7 or 8 years we have seen a sudden increase and progression on Social media sites.

Is your organization social enough?

As I interact more and more with my clientele, I do get a feeling that entrepreneurs and brands are still skeptical about choosing Social Media as one of the marketing channel. Even if they do, they lack consistency and give

The best Social Media practices for the Lead Generation that takes minimum amount of efforts!

There is a lot of buzz surrounding social media when it comes to generating leads for business. The research shows that the number one issues that small business owners are facing today is not having enough qualified prospects. Every startup

Doing Social Media Marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea!

It needs more than just usual posting and networking nitty gritty. Today, having an online presence is essential to take your business to the next level. The markets are expanding globally and to cross new horizons, the businesses require smart

5 skills you should master before applying for a social media job

Just a few years ago, the job title “social media manager” didn’t exist. Fast forward to today, andalmost every company has someone on staff who is responsible for social media. At smaller companies, the person who manages it might be

7 Ways Companies still getting Social Media Marketing Wrong

Gone are the days when marketing professionals question the value of their company having a presence on social networks. Regardless of if the company is B2B, B2C, or any combination of the two – their customers are on social because

Create Social Media Calender – Boost ROI from Social

In the world where everyone is going towards social & customer’s purchase decisions are also influenced by Social Media. It is quite Important to have a proper social media strategy in place for better ROI. Everyone want to be on

Relation Between Social Media & Retail Brands- Infographic

Use of Social Media had boosted eCommerce sales in recent years and created trust among users. With social media advertising, small businesses can reach to potential customers easily and with low budget. Here is great infographics Showing  relation between social

What is Optimal Length for Social Media Posts

While posting on social media, It is very important to optimize the length of post to get better engagement and click through rate. Buffer and SumAll put together this informative infographic that reveals the optimal length of social media posts, email subject lines,

Incorporate Powerful Brand Through Social Media

Nowadays, you need to dedicate as much attention to your online profile as you do to your storefront Businesses have found Twitter to be a gold mine for getting their messages to the masses and interacting with customers. With so

Why People Unfollow Your Brand on Social Media

With Almost everyone business trying to make the presence on Social Media, it is very hard to get more followers to your brand and more difficult is getting those stay with your brands. When people follow you on social media