How to Write SEO Friendly Article in 2020 – Expert Guide

Creating an SEO friendly article can bring thousands of organic visitors to your website without spending any money on advertising.

Creating an SEO friendly article can bring thousands of organic visitors to your website without spending any money on advertising.

Here, we have produced this expert guide on how to write SEO friendly article which can boost your organic traffic by 450%.

Follow these steps to write the SEO friendly Content:

  • Find the right keywords to Target

    First, you need to ask yourself “what topic people search on google that is related to your business”.

    What is their intent behind the search?

    You must understand that Google is using RankBrain (Google’s artificial intelligence) to handle search queries. That is the reason why understanding the intent behind the search is critical in 2020.

    Once you decided the topic to write on, it’s time to do in-depth keyword research on what exactly people are searching around that topic.

    There are many tools in the market to do the keyword research but the below one is super easy and effective.

    Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

    This free tool is one of the top tools you can rely on for your keyword research.

    It provides a number of insights related to a specific search query, like the number of searches per month, the difficulty level of keyword, related searched and much more.

    seo friendly article writing

    You can also simply put your competitor’s URL in this tool to find the keywords they are ranking for?

    Pro tips:

    1. Select 1-2 main keyword for your page to target.
    2. Add 3-5 LSI keywords to this list.
    3. If website authority is low, start with low competition long-tail keywords.
    4. Include your main keyword into the first 100 words on the page.

    Suggested read: Read this Definitive Guide on Keyword research to master the art of finding the right keywords.

  • Create A Content worth reading

    In 2019, Average 4 million+ blog posts are published every single day.

    That’s huge

    If you are trying to create another “me too” 700 words article that adds no extra value to the reader, then you are just wasting your time.

    Create content, which is valuable and unique.

    content meme

    Let me make it simple, Create content at least 1.5X better than what is already ranking on google for a specific search term. ( Identify the pain points of the users, structure it in a better way ).

    Pro Tips:

    1. Create your reader’s persona & Understand the Intent behind the search term.
    2. What do you want to answer the users? Draft the structure of the post before you start.
    3. Use small paragraphs to make it easy to read.
    4. Provide references to trust-worthy content within the industry.
    5. Include visual content ( Images, Gifs, Videos ) into the post.

    Make sure you are creating the content for readers, not for search engines.

    Avoid keyword stuffing in the post and write it in a natural way what your target audience can understand easily.

    Suggested Read: Read this Guide from Brian Dean, where he mentioned the skyscraper SEO technique, to outrank what is already ranking in google.

  • Title / Headline – Make it Standout

    Headline plays an important role in telling both users and Google about your page.

    Great heading can also improve your CTR, increase social shares resulting in better search ranking.

    See the interesting facts on why you should spend more time on headlines.

    create better headlines for ranking in google
    Image Source:

    Pro Tips:

    Use H1 for your title.
    Include your main keyword at the start of the title.
    Do not forget to use subheading ( H2, H3) on the page.
    To rank in featured snippets “Position Zero” in google, Use H2 in subheadings.
    Do not use more than one H1 tag on your webpage.

    Suggested Read: Use this free Headline analyser to see how effective your headline is.

  • Optimise Images

    “An Image is worth 1000 words”

    Images are also effective to attract user attention and keep them engaged with the content. but you must know the effective way to use images in the article you are writing.

    Before you upload an image to your website, make sure it is well optimised and compressed to save size. You can use tools like to compress the images before uploading to the website.

    how to write a seo friendly article

    Pro Tips:
    1. Change to name of images from “Image04″ etc to the name which describes it best, like ” image optimisation for SEO”.
    2. Use your main keywords and LSI keywords in “image alt tag”.
    3. Use targeted keywords in the title, description and caption.

    Suggested resource: Make use of WordPress plugins like Smush, ShortPixcel and regenerate thumbnails to better optimise images on the website.

  • URL structure – Permalink

    Page URL with the target keyword in it has a slight edge in search rankings and is a relevancy signal for google.
    Try to keep the URL short and include the keyword in it.

    write content for seo

    Avoid Stop words in URL slug, i.e. to, of etc.

  • Improve webpage Speed

    Page speed is one of the top-ranking factors in 2020. If your page is too slow then there are very little chances of getting it in top search results in google.

    Page speed also impacts ranking indirectly by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwell time.

    Make sure your page is optimised and loads faster. You can use Google page speed insights to check website speed.

    page speed impact seo

    Pro Tips:

    Use Cache plugin ( If you are using WordPress ).
    Optimise rich media ( Images, videos ) for better speed.
    Use a fast hosting for your website.
    Use CDN for faster content delivery. Cloudflare’s Free account can also help in boosting the speed of the website.


How to Write SEO Friendly Article in 2020 – Expert Guide

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