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Select a B-School which suits you the best with ADMITO.IN

Confused male student_admitoWhat is the current scenario of B-School Selection Process? Too many facebook groups, too many discussions, numerous conversations and still the decision to join a good MBA college remain a mystery. Some of us took a leap of faith in our parents’ decision. Some just went with their gut feeling.

Some just trusted online rankings and placement figures. For most of us, MBA is the last degree and make this big a choice without proper information and analysis could affect the career seriously. In a survey done at our end, 5 out of 8 students are not satisfied with their choice of MBA college.

admito logo_wbHow can help MBA Aspirants in their college selection Process? We at Admito strive to be your friends in college selection process during admission time. The admission process involves too much information and too much stress. We understand the risks involved. Therefore, we have created Admito.

Admito is developed as an effort to help you in choosing the best path of your life. It is not just a tool but a friend which will understand you and your needs. Its algorithm will give you the most accurate and corrective information about the choices you have. An expert in profiling, a master in information processing, an ace in counseling, Admito delivers trustworthy intelligence at your fingertips.

Admito is not the answer of an overnight dream. It is a result of cumulative frustration acquired during our own college selection process. Before getting into IMT Ghaziabad, 8 months of confused state where options were plenty but the decision can be one.

Decisions from college application to be filled to selection of the final college is stressful yet crucial. Selection is not just based on a single parameter. Placements, Brand Value, Specialization, Location, Fee, Alumni Base, Entrepreneurship activity and many such parameters works simultaneously. We faced a lot of problems and confusion; we don’t want our juniors to face it. After all we too are the part of this student fraternity

What are the challenges faced during the execution of admito? Admito works on a parametric and clustering based algorithm. The initial challenge was to create an algorithm which on student preferences. For a 99 percentile, all he wants is an IIM, for a 90 factors like location, placements and extra-curricular activities comes into play , for a 60 or 70 it might be platform to learn and run the family business.

The second major issue which will be there in future is data collection. We collect data of a college on more than 40 parameters. Trustworthy and genuine information are the key input to admito’s algorithm. We try to capture data from students, alumni and college administration. Our aim is to deliver most true and most accurate information for selecting your premium college

Please tell us about your crazy team? We are a team of 5 like- minded individuals who have dedicated our energy towards the compelling dilemma of education seekers. The team involves Manu Jain, Sahil Garg, Suprabhat Sen, Himanshu Mendiratta and Mukesh Kumar. Admito is currently incubating in IMT Ghaziabad

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