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“Love for the game” Rare Dare Football Club 2013, “Dad I want to join a football camp,” said the Founder’s son.

That’s when the envisioning to start Rare Dare football club happened. ‘Rare’ because the thought was rare and ‘Dare’ was because of the ups & downs. Hence came out with a format for the club and academy to self-sustain, pay bills, focus on grassroots football and last but most importantly love and enjoy what one does to help all the young dreamers. Firstly, Rare Dare Football Club and its areas have only one goal that is grass roots football. Rare Dare Football Club started with the sole motive of increasing the popularity of Football in India and extending its reach to the kids and youth who want to play but do not have the skills or means to do so. Sport builds character, team spirit, leadership and of course all the qualities for a successful adult life. Rare Dare Football Club took its first step with little or no funding. The only inflow was from personal resources. But it aims to gain sponsorship and funding from like-minded people who not only like the sport itself but also believe in giving all kids a chance irrespective of their financial status. Rare Dare Football Club inspiration was a group of kids wanting to get onto the ground and play in this world of gadgets and technology these kids had the heart and dedication to football which also includes the Founder’s son. This passion moved the Founder to start this change and with opportunity and talent rising and the market potential at which an ILeague club costs 20 million, the club aims to grow further with the new academy and club format it’s been running with, it’s going to be a different ball game in times to come.

Rare Dare Football Club business will include rental, membership for club & academy, co-operate tie ups & franchises.

India’s sports market is at 52 billion out of which football should be between 5 to 7% or 10 billion. The club’s target audience is anyone in the age group of 4 to 45 yrs.

As a club, we work differently since we do not follow our competitor’s club and academy, the way it functions and its format. “We were born a Family.” That’s how Clubs are formed.

We work step by step, and in the coming future, we look forward at signing state ‘A’ division. But our vision is “World Cup for Clubs.”

Rare Dare Football Club is different from other clubs which can be similar to a start-up because it’s a new format. We chose crowdfunding only because it will help us show how ready we are as a club to go to the next level. The club is also looking forward to competing for the first arena which is in the construction stage.

The challenges faced is the space and infrastructure for which we are getting our first arena up.

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