How these techie cousin’s global startup can save user $1,000 per year

Traffic congestion in this country have significantly gone from worse to worst these days. Due to this people now hate commuting as being stuck in traffic makes them feel wasteful and frustrating. They always end up losing time and money due to traffic jams.

poolmyride foundersTo find better solution to commuting problems in the world, the techie cousins Rajat and Abhishek Talwar started Poolmyride. The startup is an “On Demand Ridesharing” Global Platform, creates a way out for your daily commute while cutting down your expenses. PoolMyRide goal is to bring together each human in a smart and a social way, to win the battle of daily commute against time.


Poolmyride provides a seamless solution on mobile by enabling commuters to find their co-passengers and starts carpooling. With the activity like carpooling you can save a lot of money besides getting more socialize and meeting new people. On an average a pool can save a user more than $1,000 per year which otherwise would have gone on fuel, maintenance and wear & tear of vehicle.

The On-Demand Ride-Sharing Application connects users traveling nearby to share-fare just by logging on to the app. You can find ride pools in and around your city, just enter source and destination and wait for your Facebook friends and app users to share the ride. Users can do Instant Messaging within the app, besides this users can share their contact number, email id and Facebook Profile link.

Poolmyride, a startup with a purpose to solve a major problem and to change the mind set of people is not thinking of making money from it at the moment. Their business model for the time being is to connect people on one platform and to connect them to carpool or vehicle-pool. They are here to solve the daily commute problem in the world.

The time poolmyride was started, there were hardly any good apps that gave user experience to people who were looking for carpools. All other carpooling apps were simple craigslist posting type applications, that led them to create an intelligent on-demand ride-sharing platform. Now 59th version of the Pool My Ride app even shows users traveling nearby in realtime. People connect with each other with the help of their current geolocation, or the daily travel route they specify, drive together to share cost of the ride.

Major challenges faced by startup was scaling and being recognized without spending a penny on marketing. They have grown organically and through word of mouth.

Pool My Ride is a FREE application with over 28000 plus download across all platforms. They are growing at rate of 200% . Every 5 second someone searches for a carpool on poolmyride.

Right now around 50 carpools are made everyday globally, out of which 25 are made in India. Their goal is to bring over 1000 carpoolers on board on a single day . Thier vision is to make sharing private vehicles so easy and secure that it feels like you are sharing it with your family.

The startup is leading the space in carpool industry even though they have tough competition from  Bla bla car, uber pool and ola pool.

Visit Poolmyride.

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