Things business schools won’t teach you about entrepreneurship

Payman Taei

Are you applying in one of the renowned business schools of India, or already learning the different entrepreneurship aspects in one of the highly rated business schools to get the utmost level of expertise in running a business successfully?

But, are you aware of the fact that these business schools won’t teach you everything that you should know to start or run a business successfully?

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It is true that business schools will try to teach you everything such as effective communication skills, how to negotiate and lots of different things related to finance, economics, laws of India, etc.

But still, there are a few things that they won’t teach you or are unable to do so.

The ethics, marketing, risk-taking, and several other things that a business school teaches is worth more than it costs. However, still, there a few things that are left behind but highly important for the success of a business.

Below is the list of such things that you learn from experience and not from any business school.

Business can be scrappy

If you are thinking of investing your time and money in setting a new business then you must learn the basic thing that “figure things out as you go.

It is true that in business schools, you have learned to plan things in advance but this doesn’t go well with today’s market.

In business schools, they have told you about the importance of planning, funding, scaling, hiring and a lot of things before starting a business, in short, the focus has been more on making most of the available resources. Whereas the reality is different.

Most of the successful companies of India started out very scrappy, or you can say from zero. They didn’t plan anything, didn’t invest in leasing space and nor stick with their idea.

If we say in simple words, then your success depends on how best you can make out of the scrappy state and the available resources at the time.


Whenever you are planning to start your own business, it is important for you to be kind to yourself especially during hard times. It is an important aspect to face fear without hating yourself.

It is one of the best skills that you should learn. Rejections, failures are a few things that can demotivate but it should not break trust and confidence that you have on yourself. If you know very well how to deal with failures and rejections then you will be able to rectify your mistakes and can put the required efforts.

Self-compassion assist a person to return faster from the setbacks and look for newly available opportunities without letting fear get in your way. To learn the same, you should understand yourself and your capability. There is no one who understands you more than you do. Just think properly and proceed accordingly.

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How to set goals

While business school teaches everything to you, they forget to tell you the right way to set goals. They focus this much on planning and decision that they forget to teach the basic way of setting goals. They will ask you to explore what you want to do.

Many entrepreneurs know what they want to pursue further but they don’t know how to do it. By setting goals in starting, you would be aware of where you have to reach, it will also help you in finding the right path for the same.

It will keep you and your team accountable and motivated also. Set a goal and witness bigger impact.

How to be creative

Creativity is something that we always look for in everything that we do. Being an entrepreneur, you have to channelize creativity. You have to come out with new ideas and solutions to every problem that comes in your way towards the success of your business.

It is true that no one can teach you creativity as it comes within, so it’s no wonder that why this is something lacking in business schools. Business schools guide you about systems and rules.

They will help you in learning different parameters associated with entrepreneurship and how to make the most of them.

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Creativity is all about thinking outside the box and working beyond boundaries or parameters. It is true that sometimes your business does not need the best solution, all it requires is an inspired solution. The inspiration of trying new things should always be there in the path of your success. It should be a mixture of making mistakes and learning from others.


Don’t rely on business schools for everything, do your research and learn what they can’t teach you. It is always good to learn new things no matter what the source is until it is reliable and trustworthy.

Let your wings fly only when they are good enough to deal with the blowing wind. Learn as much as you can before entering the entrepreneur’s world.

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