Effective Startup Pitch for Fund Raising
6 Proven Tips to Craft an Effective Startup Pitch for Fund Raising

As a new entrepreneur, your pitch to investors could be the only thing to get your startup to succeed or totally plunge your good idea into the abyss.

valuables lessons in startups
30+ valuable lessons I learned from 18 years in startups

Don’t build something you wouldn’t use yourself. The best ideas usually come from solving your own problems Chances are, others have the problem too.

startup idea
Here Is Why An Idea Is Not All That You Need For A Start-Up

There was a time when getting a fancy corporate job right after getting out of college was the dream of every individual. However, times have changed and how! Entrepreneurship has become a trendy career choice across the globe. The sheer

startup secrets
8 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Being an Entrepreneur

Working for yourself is everyone’s dream, but too often it leads to disappointment. Discover why — and learn the secrets to making entrepreneurship work for you. At this very moment, a significant number of people are dreaming about leaving their jobs

10 Most Valuable Startup Launched By Students (Infographic)

Are you a  student and dreaming of starting something your own? Access to resources in India may not be up to that level but if you are highly motivated, punctual and bringing something that will solve some problems, then surely

female entrepreneurs
Why are there so few Female Entrepreneurs

You may think the gap between female and male entrepreneurs has been closing, but the gap is still very much there. It’s not surprising that there is such a gap in female start-up owners when there is still a gender