Controversy erupts for demanding ‘Hindu representative’ by an Airtel customer, Omar Abdullah slams online trolls sending hate tweets

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The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah comes to the rescue of the infamous Airtel customer who recently demanded a ‘Hindu representative’ on twitter amidst various abusive and obscene tweets and hate messages. In a tweet, the former CM wrote:

“I hold no brief for the bigoted Airtel customer but those of you flooding her timeline with hate & abuse are as bad, if not worse, than her. If you can’t occupy the high ground it’s best to exit the ground altogether.”

The popular microblogging site, Twitter witnessed another gratuitous war when an Airtel customer refused to indulge a ‘Muslim representative’ and demanded a ‘Hindu representative.’

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The customer saved severe backlash for such a demand from everywhere including celebrities like Shruti Seth and Gauhar Khan. Her tweet was labeled as ‘blatant bigotry’.

However, Airtel acknowledged the request of the customer and connected her with another representative. Soon after this, twitterati did not even spare Airtel. Facing extreme backlash, Airtel tried to clear its stance in a tweet:  “We absolutely do not differentiate between customers, employees, and partners on the basis of caste or religion.”

After several abusive tweets, Pooja Seth the Airtel customer did not hold her silence and further responded through a tweet:

Dear Abusers,
I simply made a request to change representative from Muslim to Hindu as my experience in past was not good and that’s my right as well. After that, the kind of abuse I’m facing are beyond imagination and that in itself PROVES that I was right at very first place.

Most of the politicians chose to stay mum on the issue. Interestingly, Omar Abdullah earlier denounced the telecom company on twitter before slamming the hate trolls on his twitter handle and said that he would port his number to another service provider and cancel his DTH and broadband subscription

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