Nutriworkouts – A journey to your dream body

Fitness is not just about toiling hard in the gym but more importantly about fuelling your body with the right meals. Everybody has a different workout goal ranging from fat loss to Arnold-like six packs.

nutriworkoutsSo why give the body the same amount of nutrients when each person’s body asks for a different portion size. This is the question that bothered one of the cofounders Pratik Shirsat who was not able to achieve the desired result even though he hit the gym regularly.

He soon realized that the main reason behind this was unavailability of right diet at the right time in right portion sizes.

In early January, he discussed the same with his two friends at NITIE, Mumbai – Prashant Kumar and Suyog Jadhav, who shared a common passion for fitness. Together they decided to solve the problem of numerous gym freaks like them who struggle with providing their body with exactly what it asks for. That’s how Nutriworkouts was born.

Nutriworkouts provides a complete fitness package for all the fitness freaks out there. It provides bespoke scientific workout meals, formulated for a customer’s specific workout goals along with free fitness consultancy. Nutriworkouts is backed by top experts from the field of nutrition and fitness which makes it the most credible workout meals provider.

nutriworkouts teamSharing the interview, Bizztor have done with It’s Founders.

Would you please tell more about your startup? 

Nutriworkouts is a complete fitness package which bundles the services of a nutritionist, fitness trainer and master chef to provide bespoke fitness meals along with nutrition consultancy for all the fitness enthusiasts in Mumbai.

What is the business model? 

Nutriworkouts operates in two verticals viz workout meals and nutritional consultancy services. A customer can subscribe to weekly workout meal subscription and can choose between four workout goals – Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Lean Body and Maintain.

Once a customer plugs in his vitals on the website he receives a nutritionist call back. Fresh meals are prepared based on his/her diet calculations and a daily six meal package is delivered.

Nutriworkouts is one of the first few fitness meal services to promote the concept of splitting meals in small portion sizes. Nutriworkouts also has a team of expert dieticians and sports nutritionists with over 10-15 years of experience to cater to the nutritional consultancy clients on a call back basis.

What went into the process of developing this startup and what were some of the challenges and surprises? 

It all started when Pratik Shirsat, an MBA student at NITIE-Mumbai, a premier B-school found it difficult to meet his daily nutritional requirement while working out at the gym. He soon realized that the biggest hurdle that was keeping him away from his ideal body was the unavailability of proper diet at the right time in the right portion sizes.

He discussed the same with his two friends, Suyog Jadhav and Prashant Kumar, equally passionate about health and fitness, then the trio came up with a new business plan and thus Nutriworkouts was born. However nutrition and dietetics is a highly incoherent field with different schools of thought at loggerheads with each other.

The biggest challenge was to convert the highly unstructured nutrition counselling process to a structured standardized approach to arrive at a customer’s diet requirement. Early market research threw a pleasant surprise that fitness conscious people were willing to spend about 13k to 15k rupees a month on workout diets but found it extremely inconvenient to cook six meals a day as suggested by their nutritionists. Nutriworkouts decided to fill this need gap and is putting up a good show.

What is the competitive landscape? 

The closest competitor is 6packmeals co-founded by Marika Johansson, a nutrionist to the likes of Hrithik Roshan. However it caters to an elite set of celebrities and doesn’t pose much of a threat. There are few more meals services that provide healthy food options such a BeingFitKitchen, Calorie Care.

They primarily follow a mass customization approach that does not take into account specific macronutrient requirements viz protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals. What sets Nutriworkouts aside is the online nutritional counselling that it effortlessly bundles with its meal package to help its customers achieve their workout goals.

About Co founders? How is the partnership working out? What are some of the challenges you have found as a team? 

A premier B school learning experience has helped the co-founders take workout nutrition to a new level. After a successful pilot run in Powai that validated the concept, Nutriworkouts is now a 14 member strong team consisting of a brand ambassador (Shweta Sakharkar – Bikini bodybuilder and ESN Athlete), nutritionists, fitness experts and chefs.

To deliver workout meals that are formulated precisely to fit different body types and workout goals, Nutriworkouts since its inception has required talent that has an eye for detail. Hiring nutritionists, fitness experts and chefs which such high degree of commitment to quality and conformance has always been a challenge.

Are you profitable? What kind of traction you have now? 

Since Nutriworkouts is a full stack food tech startup with a heavy investment in its own central kitchen in Powai, it is yet to turn profitable. With just a month into operations, it has served over 200 meals and catered to about 10 happy nutritional consultancy clients. The website sees a weekly traffic of 10 first time users who punch in their nutritional queries.

Where do you see your startup over the next year or in future? (Goals & Visions) 

The vision is to harness technology to drive an effortless healthy living through our products and services. Starting with a smart application that prescribes diet requirements as per your workout goal, Nutriworkouts eventually wants to develop an integrated fitness tracking device that simplifies health monitoring and matches daily food intake to the body’s needs.

Are you funded for what you would like to do to get this off the ground? Are you seeking partners or investment? 

Currently Nutriworkouts is bootstrapped but is looking for potential investors.

Your views on Indian Startup ecosystem? 

Technology startups continue to drive the Indian startup ecosystem. Speaking of food tech startups, they have been struggling as investor interest in the space begins to wane, making it difficult for them to raise new rounds of funding. However, margins are still better for full stack food businesses having their own centralized kitchen.

Please share your views or ask questions to founders using the comment box below. Also do not forget to share it on social media.

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