This Crowdsourced Delivery startup is on the way to transform logistics industry

Currently, the e-com space is at its peak, and logistics is termed as its backbone. Yes, there are several logistics and Hyper Local delivery service providers, but most of them are based on Inventory & Minimum Order Contract Model. They hardly supports those retailers & e-tailers who got 3-4 orders to be delivered weekly.

Whereas mShipper, being a tech based zero inventory, no minimum order contract & crowdsourced delivery model gives a helping hand to these aspiring SMEs. They are Positive in Externality too.

New Delhi-based mShipper, a crowdsourced delivery platform that connects senders to shippers was Co-founded by Ranvijay Singh, Saurav Sagar and Vishwa Bhaskar in September last year.


In an interview with CEO and CO-founder Ranvijay Singh, we will talk about his journey to become an entrepreneur.

Firstly, can you please tell us a bit about yourself and Where the things started and What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?
I belong to a family where Business has never been considered as good option for living. But I am really thankful/grateful to my parents who sent me out for studies in different city where I can become Independent, thoughtful and different than others in my village.
I was more than an average student during my studies with a bad habit to peep into Senior’s Syllabus. Like others I had/have great dreams too. I can recall that in the Year 2006 (When I was in 12th Standard), I started a food delivery service (Food Plaza)in my town, serving three-time meals @INR 750 to students who were living in PGs, rented rooms & hostels. It was good, I had almost 70-85 regular customers & irregular orders from School teachers during their Lunch T. I was able to save almost 30-35% of the gross receipts.
Then after running it for 3 months, I had to shut it down as I had to step in Delhi for further studies. After my Graduation, One of my friends approached me while he was registering his company. I witnessed the whole process, how they are consulting the business structure, legal compliance, formalities and duration. I felt that the duration can be minimized and fees to, So I started a business consulting Company “Sicobe” in 2010. The company served more than 300 Private limited companies, Partnership firms, LLPs and many others.
mShipper came to my mind after watching the movie “The Transporter” starred by Jason Statham, who is an Independent Transporter who picks and deliver any nature of products (legitimate or prohibited). He makes his living out of it. mShipper is a platform which connects commuters (Individuals as Independent Transporters to SMEs Order for order fulfillment).
What was the first thing you did to get the word out about your startup and how did you measure the effectiveness of this? 
At the initial stage, I discussed it with my friends in the Year 2013, when I conceived this Idea. I asked to few of the Retailers, tried to know their pain points and started to build a product on paper. I had to stop at that time due to some issues, but back again at the end of 2014, I started to rethink about that. Finally, the product development started in May 2015 and the company got registered in September 2015, operations started in November 2015 and now we got more than 4000+ “The Transports” whom we call “Shippers” (almost 30% active) with us delivering for more than 35-40 SMEs in Delhi.
“What’s the hardest decision you’ve made so far?” 
I never considered any of my decisions “hardest” either dropping my CA finals or living separated with no one to think about a “Helping Hand”. I believe if you got the ability you can turn disasters into opportunity.
What mistakes have you made thus far in this business and what have you learned? 
In the beginning, the product was built keeping in mind “Everyone” as customer first, who will regularly send something to someone then Retailers & E-tailer. But we discussed in the team and found that no one has sent anything to anyone for last 6-8 months. So, we had to make changes to the whole product once again to make it a product market fit. Lesson: We must know/identify our core customers (who will pay & let you survive).
As a founder, what do believe to be the end goal for this startup? 
The day when somebody will fly to an International destination with luggage full of Orders to be delivered there, making his flight cost Free, as he will be paid for carrying those packages in his luggage.
What helps you when you doubt yourself? 
I never doubted myself, but sometimes when I feel something is not happening good, my Patience, persistence and few of the Bollywood motivational songs definitely make me more rejuvenated.
Finally, would you have any inspirational tips for aspiring entrepreneurs about to kickstart their startup dream? 
Don’t startup seeing everybody is starting up so I should too. Startup for your dreams and real cause. You need to follow your vision and definitely it will be recognized someday by somebody.
What does it take to start an online business nowadays? A unique innovative idea? Know-how? Long working hours? People? What is your recipe? 
Consider You as Your “Hero/Idol”. This will make you more confident in moving forward without any fear. You will soon realize that you are able to turn your wrong decisions into right. Make Yourself enriched with the knowledge of targeted Industry & updates. Don’t be the boss, be a good Leader. Your people will feel more comfortable discussing issues and innovation.
You can connect with Ranvijay on his facebook, twitter & linkedin

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