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MeraCareerGuide.Com – A Game Changer in Ed-Tech Business Models

10622700_10152724527022679_2034028745054705531_nThe huge student population of India requires information on their career and education and this ed-tech startup based at Delhi is best positioned to capture the opportunity.  MeraCareerGuide.com  provides most convinient way of getting  educational and career information from career counselors & experts.  One can register on the website and smart algorithm connects an advice seeker to a career counselors,  Students after talking to a counselllor can rate their experience.

Talk-To-Career-Counsellor (2)A huge no. of questions are asked on daily basis on the platform ranging from – details about a particular career, the possibilities of the kind of jobs one could get after taking up a subject, college admission process, Choosing between two different career options,  what are kind of options available when they take up admission in specific course  etc. Parents too take active participation in knowing about new age careers.

Currently there are 34 topics and 500 career options across which a student can talk to a career counselor.  The website also lists FAQs on career options to engage with student community and have career tests for interest, aptitude identifications.

The startup has undergone few pivots to get to business model which is highly scalable and can cater to 500 million students of India.  MeraCareerGuide brings in innovation in ed-tech – it is a solution made for India and for its skill economy.

MeraCareerGuide is betting on its marketplace model and its technology which is eventually the only way to meet massive demand and urgent need of career advice in India.  While there are 205 career counselors on it marketplace from 38 different cities  this Delhi based startup is looking to expand it to 1000 career counselors by end of this year.  The onboarding process of career counselors include screening , background experience check along with quality of written and spoken communication. Each career counselor is given with a dashboard where they can login and start replying to student’s questions. Career counsellor’s work on revenue share model and can track  all their earning details on their dashboard.MeraCareerGuide-Home-Page

Need for a product like MeraCareerGuide is undisputed for both urban and rural student segment. The technology driver and marketplace model is definitely a gamechanger in ed-tech space.

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About Guest Author: Surabhi Dewra, Founder of MeraCareerGuide is honoured With National Education Award for ‘Best Career Counselling Platform”. Listed in India’s Top 40 Women Entreprenuer in 2015. Connect with her on Twitter & LinkedIn