Restaurants Struggles to drive customers during off-peak hours, Kraveon is the Answer

Krave On is a food-based startup based in New Delhi with the motto krave more save more.

Krave On wants to unite all foodies, by offering them the best dining experience possible. It handles all the nitty gritty parts that take the joy and pleasure of eating a wholesome meal.

Book, eat and pay! Get discounts off upto 50% at your favourite food outlets.

Bizztor interviewed Nitin (Co-Founder).

1. Describe your idea? What made you decide to take the plunge and make it happen?

Smart pricing solution for restaurants, to drive customers during off-peak hours.


What made you take the plunge?

We noticed the existing solutions in the market were not satisfactory and weren’t tackling the problem in the right manner.

We wanted to solve this problem with a different approach and introduce a far more flexible style of dining, that can impact the restaurant and consumer.

During the discovery phase, we noticed that there were a lot of restaurants that would remain (partially) vacant during the day. It made us wonder, if the restaurants are operating at a loss, or if they are struggling with garnering customers.

Eventually, it turned out to be a two-pronged problem;

1) For restaurants, off-peak hours turned out to be most critical pain point.

2) Consumers – An avenue to discover, and dine at cheaper rates.

How did it start (When, Where, How )? & What inspired you to start?

This sounds cliché – a few years ago I was vacationing in New York.

I was casually browsing and reading a few articles on the benefits of dynamic pricing and the implications of it in society. I felt this could be something that can be introduced into the restaurant industry.

I called my co-founder Rhythm – and explained to him the concept of dynamic pricing and how it works, and if there might be a fit in with the restaurant industry.

He asked me questions, to which I had absolutely no answers. I’d eventually end up writing down those questions. The call lasted an hour or so, we ended it on the pretext that it won’t work. The next night he gives me a call, and wanted to discuss the idea a bit more in depth. We spoke for another few hours.

It seemed like he had thought quite a bit about it.

Eventually, we would end up collaborating together.

What product/service do you offer? What is your Business model?

Our product is – Krave On. We have a website, as well as an android app.

It is a table reservation app with ‘a twist’. The user has the ability to make a table reservation based on time OR discount.

What about your team? How big is it?

We have a fairly small and diversified team. We are a team of five. The core team is based in Delhi, with an intern that works remotely, and our co-founder is based in Ottawa, Canada.

How are you different from the competition?

The consumer has the ability to make a reservation based on either time OR discount.

Whatever seems more convenient to the consumer at that point of time. Also, we don’t have a middle man to confirm the orders.

The orders are confirmed directly by the restaurant owner. You can even make a reservation at the last moment!

Who are your potential Customers?

Our customers are restaurants. Our consumers are in the age bracket of 18-35, college students and young working professionals.

What challenges have you faced when starting this up?

Starting up we faced several challenges. Because of the nature of the project, our goal was to build something simple and efficient.

However, that came with a lot of issues. Finding a good agency to outsource our development to, is something we struggled with for a while.

Our core challenge so far has been trying to market the product and educate the customer on the benefits of using a dynamic pricing based model and the benefits associated with it.

Are there opportunities for people to get involved with your idea

(e.g. are you looking for funding, interns, marketing help)?

Absolutely, as we slowly start picking up traction – and getting out in to the market. We are looking to secure funding, and to increase our work force.

We’d like to concentrate on growth, and product development.

We are actively looking for people that can also consult us.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

That fact that we are building a platform that is bringing consumers back to the restaurants, and incentivizing them.

Also that we solving a problem that has genuinely been overlooked, and not been properly tackled.

Where are you located & how people can get in touch with you?

We are currently based in Delhi. The best way to get in touch with us via email. [email protected]


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