Why should a startup join an accelerator in the early stages – AMA

Are you an early stage startup?

Are you struggling to take your startup next level?

An accelerator can help you advice, network, direction and many cases funding. It gives you support, access to the network & Investors, skills development and a go-to-market support.

Vibhuti Channa Shared his Views over Facebook live.

Vibhuti Channa is Director, Espark-Viridian Accelerator. Vibhuti has 25 years experience, covering on-ground fieldwork and central level operations, leading business operations, marketing and strategic roles. He has worked in India and South East Asia across the FMCG, durables and luxury industry.

Key Questions Answered:

00:30 – About Espark-Viridian Ventures.

01:10  – Is it ok to apply for an accelerator again if you had completed cohort with another earlier? How do Investors look at such startups?

02:18 – If my startup is in the Idea stage, can I join an Accelerator? and also How Investors look at that on Demo Day?

04:14 – What are the key aspects to make a decision on which Accelerator should we join out of few options? Most imp things to consider before Joining?

05:40 – Do accelerators really help startups to acquire new customers from their network?

07:18 – Is there a difference in going directly to angel investors or going to them after attending an accelerator?

10:55 – Do you also help startups to expand new markets like UK etc?

13:42 – How do you see the Indian Startup ecosystem going?



Espark is accpeting Applications currently for their Cohort – Apply here Now.

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