How LetsTrack became top GPS Company in India from Almost Nowhere

Letstrack story

Letstrack is a global leader in GPS and mobile tracking system by enabling APP-to-APP and APP-TO-WEB Mobility solutions and platform to power the Internet of Things (IoT).

Vikram Kumar ( Founder & CEO – LetsTrack ) shared his journey along with James Arthur. The Story of a company becoming the top GPS company in India from almost nowhere.

” We did exactly what WhatsApp did with Yahoo Messenger – Vikram Kumar ” 

LetsTrack Startup Story

we tried to cover the LetsTrack startup journey in 10 mins, you will find it really useful and educating.


00:24 – How did it Start? Where the idea came from?

00:48 – What products you offer to the Market?

01:38 – How LetsTrack got it’s Investor James Arthur?

03:18 – How LetsTrack is different from others in the Market?

04:19 – Who are your current customers?

05:26 – Future plans for LetsTrack, expansion plans for global markets?

06:00 – Advice to Young Entrepreneurs, who are just starting their venture?

07:02 – Achievements being an entrepreneur and as a company?

08:00 – How IOT going to make a difference in the Industry you are in?

There is a lot to understand about the product and to learn from the story in the video. This not only shows you how they achieved this success but also the insightful advice from the founder himself. 


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  1. AvatarIan Gallagher Reply


  2. AvatarAtul Reply

    Hi Vikram, Glad to see Indian entrepreneurs making it to Global level and thanks to you as well Bizztor.
    But after Listening to this story, I think Funding plays a critical role in scaling up. Yes you an start a good product and grow organically but funding needs to be there so that you can scale it fast.

    Keep it up team Letstrack and Bizztor keep sharing such amazing stories.


    1. AvatarPayal Reply

      There are many other products as well ATUL which scaled without external funding so I think funding is not must for faster scale. It’s the strategy.

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