17 Inspirational TED Talks on Motivation

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Who hasn’t endured the tragic situation of having tons of work to get done, but not having the motivation to do it? No matter what your job title is, chances are that you’ve experienced this situation before, and you likely avoided your work by spending some time procrastinating.

The next time you find yourself stuck in a rut or unable to focus, try to stop yourself before you go down a procrastination rabbit hole.

There are many different ways that you can get inspired and motivated when you are stuck in a rut. Consider going outside for some fresh air, taking a quick break with family and friends, or reading or watching inspirational content.

My personal favourite way to get inspired is to spend a few minutes watching interesting and engaging videos online. If you spend your break time strategically, taking a few minutes to switch gears and focus on a different task will allow to come back to your work feeling refreshed and inspired.

Fundera created an awesome infographic that includes 17 inspiring TED talks that will help you get motivated.

Whether you need inspiration or want to learn more about the science behind what drives us, these interesting talks will definitely get you excited to live a life you’re passionate about and do your best work.