Why Influencer Marketing Is Trending And Worth Trying! [Infographic]

rise of influencer marketing

Rise in Influencer marketing is overwhelming and that is the reason why sizeable brands, enterprises, startups and even small businesses are leveraging this path for generating leads and sales for their business.

In 2017, the trend of influencer marketing was remarkable and will continue in 2018 with hyper-pace.


A survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, in which more than 272 marketing managers participated and the results of that study was astonishing. More than 28% participants said they are using Influencer Marketing in their business for customer-acquisition.

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After analysing 100,000+ influencer profiles across leading Influencer Marketing platforms, average engagement rate was impressive.

And that’s the reason behind the enormous rise in searches on the search engines around the globe. About 325% increment for the phrase “Influencer Marketing” was recorded on Google alone in the past 12 months.

This infographic by Influencer Marketing Hub also shows the overall engagement rate on Instagram and Twitter, analysed from influencer profiles.

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rise of influencer marketing

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Ashish Singh

Ashish Singh is a Digital Marketing enthusiast and a Growth Hacker. Experienced in Influencer Marketing & Social Media Marketing and Currently, working as Digital Marketing Manager at Bizztor.


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