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You’ve got something worth selling? Get started online

Getting serious about turning your hobby into a business? Whether you’re looking for a real source of income or a side project or if you just have something worth selling – try setting up your own online store!

Indian e-commerce market is developing rapidly – its value may reach $30 billion this year. 10 million people in India already buy online and this amount is growing at an estimated 30% annually. That’s why an online store is a great way to become an enterpreneur. Here’s a starting-from-scratch guide to setting up your first online shop.

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Look up your competitors

Analyze the e-commerce market to find out, which of your rivals are doing well and what are their pros and cons. Try to figure out why it is so. Look for weaknesses, such as blurry product photos, descriptions that are incomplete or not informative enough, annoying navigation or search system. If you understand this you will be able to avoid their mistakes. Nothing drives customers away more than a faulty store interface.

Choose an ecommerce builder or online platform

The best e-commerce software is flexible and has the potential to grow along with your business. There are solutions which already include a lot of basic tools in their core platform with options to add more sophisticated plugins. If you are searching for such software, make sure it has an App Store, which contains additional tools that you can bolt on to your online store when you are ready, especially when your business really starts to expand.

Some of apps are free, some others are paid. But they are well worth it as these apps can help you automate a lot of your operations, such as inventory management, shipping, marketing, bookkeeping, etc.

Make sure there are experts when you need them

Your e-commerce platform provider should support you in setting up, designing and customizing your store. He’s there to help you if you need him. Choose a platform which offers free support and has a good record of experience in e-commerce. For eg: You can use shopify to get started easily, if you used shopify before and not happy with that, you can try other platforms like Zencommerce and more.

Make changes if needed

With a flexible e-commerce solution you can implement your own design or select it from a pool of templates delivered by a provider. What’s even more important, you can freely and easily change the store’s appearance as you like, using some existing solutions and cost-effective packages showcasing plenty of features that your business requires. Make sure that software of your choice is offered with no hidden cost, thus ensuring complete transparency.

Just try it

If one online store builder doesn’t work out for you, you can always test other platforms to find the one that you feel is as close to perfection as it could be. So don’t let the concern of picking the “perfect” online store builder stop you from moving forward. Both Shopify.in and Zencommerce.in offer free 14-days trials.

When you start building your first online store, you worry about all the details which really do not matter as much. Instead of spending days on research – just start building your store. This approach will save you a lot of time.

Remember, there is no good or bad software. Each will have its own quirks, so it’s worth investing some time to study them a bit in practice. The best thing you can do at this point is signing up for two or three different solutions and playing with them a bit. This is the only way to get a good sense of which one will work for you.

Just do it

Once you have it, you can start collecting feedback, test your ideas, and start to make changes. Learning how to run an online store to sell products online is not a straight forward task. But building an online store is. Choose some easy-to-do SaaS platform and start playing! After all, all you need now is an online store up and running. Don’t let all the tiny details prevent you from building your business.

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