You can be an entrepreneur too

Entrepreneurism is not only about starting a new business. It is more about the personality traits that helps you living your dreams and sketching them in real to make a business. Anyone who has those personality is doing entrepreneurship in his/her job. Such personality traits are really important for any business to develop and grow. I observed, entrepreneurs share those personality traits however they may have different visions, which is built upon the similar traits.

Here, are the most important traits that reflects the core concept of entrepreneurship-


Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence, stay there till the end. This is the key element of any success story. Take this as digging for the gold, you may have dug many feet, however, none them will count till you reach the gold and imagine you stopped digging at the very last foot when you were just one hammer away from the gold.
Startups are like that, they will reap dividends later than you expect, so you need to keep doing the good stuff because you never know how close you were to success, so learn to stay longer with problems and persist till you succeed.

To do
Divide your task into smaller segments Five minutes, three times per week is better than nothing, and it might not seem so difficult. Then, build up from there.

Overcoming the fear of failure

Fear to fail this is what actually fails many startups. Failures are lessons that every entrepreneur must know, as entrepreneurship is a business of calculative risk-taking.Reading and learning are the elements of success recipe, you should read and learn to know the ingredients but only only failure can teach to cook an awesome dish of your ingredients.

To do
Raise the difficulty level of your projects, if not possible then learn to do them in shorter time frame, you many fail once or twice but eventually you will pass that difficulty level.

Paint your thoughts

ability to communicate your thoughts is a skill that entrepreneurs must develop. Remember your perception will never match with the person working with you. You must able to paint your thoughts on to paper, that is the only way an idea can be put in the process of development. your thoughts/ideas are not valued until you explain them well.

To do
Always keep a paper and pen, write or draw each one of your amazing thoughts.

Do things that you do not like

While executing your idea you will do lots of things and they will constitute of things that you do not like. You have come out of your comfort zone and doing things that scares you is one way to expand your comfort zone.

To do
Pick one thing for the week that you hate doing and do it each day of the week.

“Learn, share and develop yourself as an entrepreneur”

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