The rise of women entrepreneurship in India [ Infographics ]

Over the past few years, India has record growth in women entrepreneurship and more women are pursuing their career in this direction.

At a global level, about 126 million women have started or are running their businesses and whereas in India, there are about 8 million women have started or are running their businesses.

Apart from that, women have 24% share in corporate senior management positions and in India it’s 30% for the same.

Not only that, round about 37% of formal enterprises owned by women around the globe whereas 10% of formal enterprises in India are being operated by women.

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Reasons for the rise of women entrepreneurs:

– Overall changing perception of entrepreneurship
– Better access of education
– Increasing social acceptance of women entrepreneurship
– Better infrastructure, especially in technology
– Better access to finance
– Rise of Role Models

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Even though the growth rate is exponential, still, there are some challenges like access to technical and financial assistance, pro-gender policies, family responsibilities, lack of e-service options and competition from the male-dominated sector, which needs to bring under control.

Sharing an interesting infographic from Suyati.

women entrepreneurship

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