Parent friendly App Winnie raises $4 million

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Winnie is an app that aims to create and organize the information parents need and make it accessible through products, technology & community has raised $4 million in additional seed funding in a round led by Reach Capital.

Other investors in the new round include Rethink Impact, Homebrew, Ludlow Ventures, Afore Capital, and BBG Ventures, among others.

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Winnie was started in San Francisco but can be used anywhere in the world. The company was founded in early 2016 by Sara Mauskopf and Anne. The startup began as a directory of kid-friendly places largely serving the needs of new parents.

“The crowdsourced directory of family-friendly businesses is still a huge component of what we do…and this has grown to over 2 million places across the United States. But we also have these real-time answers to any parenting question from this authentic, supportive community,” said Winne’s co-founder and CEO Sara Mauskopf.

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The founders of Winner were new parents themselves who craved for all sorts of information that parents need and that is how they got the idea to create Winnie. The startup has multiple features like local network of moms; questions and recommendations about anything from sleep training to local childcare; unique directory of family-friendly restaurants, shopping, parks and more.

With the newly found funding, Winnie plans to personalize their app while start focussing on the older kids as well.

“As a technology company, we have a unique opportunity to give you this really tailored experience that grows with your family over time – so as your children are getting older, and you’re entering new phases of development, our product’s adapting and putting relevant information in front of you,” added Sara Mauskopf, CEO of Winnie in an official statement.

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