Why Success Always Starts With A Failure

We love to hear comeback stories – the kind of the stories where people rise … fall … then arise again. It feels like a fairy tale, but these stories have happened for real. Yes there have been such stories of entrepreneurs who have started with nothing in their pockets and have made BIG.

Why-Success-Always-Starts-With-A-FailureThis intrigued me to write more about this. What I am curious about is how people can fail and then go on to become successful? What is this all about? There is no shortage of wisdom quotes to develop a successful mindset but do they really help? It’s all in your mind; the determinations should be bigger than the failures. Your mindset about those moments will do as much or more, to determine your progress as your mindset about the celebrations ever could.

It isn’t the end of the world, when you fail
Failure is an option but it isn’t end of the world. Because this stuff happens and any start-up entrepreneur who thinks he/she controls all the possibilities is delusional. It’s in our mind about that this stuff and that stuff will happen that makes all the difference. Proceeding into your venture, trying to convince yourself that you are sure going to fail, it will do no good but hamper your creativity in planning contingencies.

Change your mantra to, “I will never let myself to be a failure”. Now with this mindset you can control the outcomes, because you are the only judge that matters here.

You learn from your mistakes, no experience is wasted
Calculating your losses seems to be the default settings that a business owner has in his/her mind. There is no denying the fact that there won’t be losses ever, but every balance sheet has 2 columns. Change that weeping into a challenge and tally your experience, knowledge, insights and connections that you have gained and how you can confab those assets into an investment towards whatever is next for you. Remember every failure comes with a failure that has a lesson associated with it. It up to you how you take those failures.

You change the mindsets by changing the answer of the questions
How will I survive this failure? These is the most common question that the majority of the start-up entrepreneur ask themselves when they are down facing hell of crisis. Change your mind-set to what do I most do now? How will I come out of this situation and then do not accept any answers that you don’t like. Insist on wrestling with your circumstances and intend to come up with a positive outcome.

You just have to start over as long as you have your POSITIVES with you
I know it is not easy to say to remain positive but at times it’s like, “I want to crawl under my bed and never want to come out for a week”. Remember, the one investment that will never let you down is an investment in yourself. Nobody will take it from you – it’s priceless. You will have resources to you when you recognize it and utilize it to the fullest. If you don’t see how to apply your skills, and talents it isn’t likely that anybody will be able to help you.

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