Why Startups Must use Content Marketing from 1st Day


The convergence of user-generated online content, social media, and mobile communication has put control firmly in consumers’ hands. Rather than coming to the brand website, store or sales rep with questions, consumers now come armed with product and purchase information gathered from a wide array of sources, via multiple channels.

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As a startup, we must start working on content marketing from the very first day we start advertising.

Below are the top 5 Reasons why startups must use Content Marketing from the 1st day ( as published in searchengineland )

  • Increase the relevancy and effectiveness of your content. When consumers view and interact with content, they reveal a lot about their preferences and buying stage. By capturing and analyzing their content consumption, you can provide them with more relevant information that may push them further into the sales funnel
  • Improve message consistency across all marketing channels. Managing brand style and consistency is a huge challenge for global brands and multi-location marketers. By centralizing content assets in a CMS or database, those assets can be standardized and monitored for compliance with style and regulatory guidelines.
  • Collect more accurate customer data. Content marketing optimization and analytics tools track and measure content consumption across multiple touch points. Metrics are moving from quantity based (i.e., how many pages viewed) to quality based (i.e., time spent reading specific pages). By automating the process, data can be integrated with CRM and marketing automation systems to enhance prospect data.
  • Grow social sharing, referrals, and engagement. More personalized, relevant content is shared more frequently across social networks, which will amplify the impact and awareness of your brand.
  • Decrease marketing campaign costs. By sending the right content to the right consumers through their preferred channels, campaign efficiency increases and campaign costs decrease.

Managing the volume of marketing content that needs to be created, distributed, analyzed, and managed has become complicated, time consuming and costly for many marketing organizations. Automating these processes – or partnering with a content marketing vendor that provides content creation services.

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