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Why I loved my company more than my Job. Here’s my Story!!

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Why I loved my company more than my Job. Here’s my Story!!

But then, Mr. Kalam said something else, didn’t he?

I bet he did and was absolutely right in the context it was said. But then, here is a different story altogether.

Before you read anything, here’s to clear up that I work for a startup! Yes, a Startup, that is on its way of making something big in future and right now, is in pre – make-it-big phase that a flourishing business before achieving its heights must reside in.

So, well BlueCube Network happened to me a couple of years back & today when I look at it, the decision of joining them was among the best I’d ever made. Yes, working for a startup is like riding your own mini management truck which has high possibilities of getting the wheels down when not taken care of but also tends to cross all the weird crossroads paved by clients in a pretty cool some way.  Well, they have that effect!

Oh, was I only talking about the company not about what I do there by far? Eeks, maybe that part can explain why I’ll always love the company more than my job.

My journey with BlueCube has been a roller coaster ride in itself. Here are a few reasons of why I have been more considerate about the company I work for more than the Job I do there. By the way, I am Head of Operations of the company but that is so not how I started it off. But then, back to the important point-

1.Excitement – You never run out of fuel in a startup. Well, we never did. Things are always in motion. Whether it is the last day deadline or a new project beginning, you see everyone being taken up into something with their broad smiles and looking forward to the ‘let’s do it’ part. Running social media campaigns, direct client meetings, traveling for work are among the few things that added that part of the excitement at my end given, I was not expecting the trust being a newly joined member but then, that’s what paved the ways further.

2.Learning – Yes, if one ever has to excel at the profession and profile chosen, you got to kick it off with a startup. With the journey of not knowing much about analytics to showcasing a collaborative Analytical Dashboard product at one of the best conferences in the country, learning was all I gained; and this was just one instance out of many.

3.Challenges, Guidance & Recognition – Yes, the challenges at your work are frequent & c’mon, somewhere down the line, that’s what keeps you going. Sometimes, you’re entrusted with tasks that you aren’t really sure about but then, you cannot let the awesome thing pass. In my situation, I have always had my seniors for a quick word of advice.

At startups, someone is always going to be around for guidance. Once you accomplish the task, the recognition comes in the way of promotions, perks, flexibilities and conveying the good things via words. Mine, well a bit of all happened at it the right times.

4.Work Environment – The adjective is Lively!! You love it when things are always on the roll. Nothing stops! The everyday friendships, food, fun discussion meets and senseless selfies help up in making up for everything an introvert tends to miss during school & college. Uggs, yeah, I was a quite kid back then and never knew the other side of my personality that I happened to discover here.

5.Opportunities – Right from attending prestigious startup & digital marketing events to fetching some of the best industry certificates, my company made it all possible for me.

I now have certifications of specialization in Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Search Marketing by Digital Marketer. It was overwhelming when you realize that your firm believes more in your abilities than what you yourself can ever do.

6.An Entrepreneurial Mindset – Yes, when you are only surrounded by people who always talk and think about innovation, positivity, and growth, you tend to have an improved mindset with a Never Say NO Attitude.

You, along with the way, start conceptualizing your work as an entrepreneur yourself. The thrill is infectious and you want perfection in every minute detailing considering the firm as your own project & seniors as your clients.


7.Discovering Facets of your Talents – So, I started off from being a member of the Content team but was never restricted to the profile. I was trusted with handling off a lot irrespective of what my designation was and I feel nothing less than blessed for the same.

When your company helps up recognizing the abilities that you own, you got to consider yourself lucky. I surely do!

8.No Bosses, Just Seniors– Yep that is something I often tell the company’s CEO for how he is not a boss to me but certainly a senior whom I’ll always learn from. Himanshu & Maneesh have always been around to help up in everything wherever needed. These startup founders are a new definition to humility & inspiration.

They empathize with your struggle as they have had witnessed their own. My case – the bond is so close that I often ask them for gifts whenever they travel! Well, it works out sometimes though. 😛 You got to take your chances, right!

I have had my own ups and downs here. Sometimes, handled things with an impossible level of confidence. At times, freaked out like kids but it was all about the Journey I’ve had and will continue to row the boat in! This so has been an adorable ride.

When you get so much from a firm, you do not look back and wonder why one should love his job more than the company given it was the company that gave you all the chances & opportunities to be empowered. When it comes to the job security, you just need to be a little confident on your skills & that part is done. Joining in as a Content Writer and working currently as the Head of Operations, these were my thoughts and of course, yours can differ from mine.

No matter what they say about startups, if ever possible, try to work with one. It’ll be there you’ll know the difference between being a Team member & an Employee!

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