Why an Issue Tracking System is a Boon for Startups?

Barring few exceptions, startups usually initiate their operations with a small amount of investment. Due to this limitation, investment in tools take place after much deliberations and return on investment (ROI) is usually a concern. Typically the return is in the form of money. However, a long term benefit helping to cut the costs and minimize the losses is a good parameter too.

Why an Issue Tracking System is a Boon for Startups

Let’s see how an issue tracking tool optimizes business process management with its features and proves to be a must have for every startup business:

  1. Align business processes with better visibility

The application provides a holistic view of different activities occurring in the company and ensures better control. This empowers the entrepreneurs to manage those operations efficiently, which is the key to productivity. The application helps in organizing issues into projects and assigning them to the intended person. Different priority levels can be set for various issues indicating the ones requiring highest attention. Issues can also be escalated, so that they can be handled as per the organizational hierarchy.

  1. Collaborate and communicate teamwork

Being a SaaS based application, it can be accessed via any web browser. Moreover, it supports real-time and simultaneous update from multiple users. This makes collaboration and communication easier to and co-ordinate workflows throughout the organization, including teams and departments.

  1. Secure the data from an un-authorized interventions

Authentication is another feature of an issue tracking tool, which offers controlled and secured access to the data. This adds another layer of security thereby enabling enhanced protection. The administrator of the application has the rights to assign varying level of access permissions to a user. As a result, it ensures stricter control on users’ activities.

  1. Enhance team learning

Team learning is an important aspect and should not be ignored, especially in the case of startups as it helps the growth. It is practically impossible to organize internal trainings and scrum meetings have their limitations. An issue tracking tool enables the team members to embed documents with detailed notes in the task/issue list for easy reference. This not only makes the resolution process regarding particular issue more clear, but also supports learning for the whole team, in case they are also working on same issue.

  1. Ensure accomplishment of every task

Automated notifications through SMS and email alerts is another compelling feature of an issue tracking system. It is a best way to cut back on paper or personal reminders and helps ensure that not even a single issue/task is missed.

  1. Helps to take right decision at the right time

Issue tracker incorporates a wide variety of reports for listing and displaying projects and related issues. These reports display just the required data and proves to be the fastest way to deliver the information at decision maker’s desk. Subsequently, it helps in quick analysis and better decision making within the intended time frame.

If you are a startup (or even an established business), it’s time to look beyond the excel sheets and emails or any other traditional method being used. It is time to switch to an issue tracking tool and relish its multiple benefits.

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