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WhatsApp finally launched Voice Call for Android Users

Screenshot_2015-03-31-15-13-19WhatsApp calling function is finally here for everyone: and we really mean everyone this time. The most eagerly-anticipated Android feature we’ve seen in a long time is now rolling out everywhere – without any WhatsApp call ”invitation” required. This is the moment when you finally, honestly, really get WhatsApp voice calls on your phone.

It seems that the WhatsApp team is finally satisfied with the new feature’s performance as it is being rolled out as an official update to Android users. Most importantly, the OTA rollout means users will not have to activate the feature by getting an incoming call from someone who already has it working, giving access to free VoIP feature

After updating WhatsApp with voice-calling, users will witness tweaked interface featuring three separate tabs. In addition to the usual Contacts and Chats, users will find a separate tab for Calls. The new tab will list the call history and looks identical to the phone’s standard phone logs. In the Calls tab, users will have the option to make a new call by tapping the phone icon on the top right. Users can make calls only to the numbers saved on the app.

With the new update, users will also have the option to save contacts from within the app. Tap on Contacts tab and select the top right icon to add a new number to your directory. The Chats section of the app remains intact.





If you are ready to activate WhatsApp free voice calling, remember the process isn’t as simple as updating WhatsApp to start using these features. It involves a couple more steps that you need to follow.

Steps to enable voice calling on WhatsApp for Android.

  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android. The latest version on WhatsApp’s website is 2.12.14, but if you’re downloading from Google Play, ensure that your device has version 2.11.561. Older versions don’t support this feature for all users.
  • Once you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your Android phone, ask someone who has WhatsApp calling enabled to make a WhatsApp call to your number.
  • Multiple users have reported that giving a missed call doesn’t work. You’ll have to receive the call and wait for a few seconds before disconnecting to activate WhatsApp voice calling.
  • When the feature is enabled on your smartphone, you are good to go to call your loved ones.

Have you used WhatsApp calling on Android? Does the feature work well? Let us know via the comments. 

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