What Does An Ideal Issue Tracking System For Startups Contain?

To those who are not yet familiar with the technicalities of an issue tracking system

It is a software application for optimizing workflows, tracking and prioritizing projects, tasks, issues, or incidences, as well as to keep business processes organized and on time. The main purpose of using an issue tracking system is to help team members remain updated with the issues and their priorities while managers sight a clear view of their progressions, status and resolutions.

The software acts as a central hub for all project related activities, documents, interactions and details, toassure better collaboration and productivity. Numerous reports and intuitive dashboards further provide the real-time information helping personnelto take effective and timely business decisions.

Why is this solution so important for start-ups?

Every project in an organization demands resolutions of issues. Whether it is a customer issue, a software bug, or any other business related issues involving multiple departments, teams need to discover resolution.Additionally,they have to ensure those resolutions are communicated well and easily accessible to all before initiating its execution.

And, in the early days of a startup, it is easy to know what everyone is doing. With only two or three people, communication and management is not a big problem. But as it starts to go, the number of issues also increases which makes it difficult to communicate via email or spreadsheets. And, this lack of communication can end up causing discoordination. Ultimately, mismanagement!

An issue tracking system helps achieve this much more easily by adding a structural approach to the process.

“Requirements rarely lie on the surface. Normally, they’re buried beneath layers of assumptions, misconceptions, and politics”. -Steve McConnell

 Issue tracking is designed to help bring these issues into notice of the intended personnel. This keeps every issue on the same playing area and provides a regulatedapproach to fixthem.Hence, irrespective of whether the company is a startup or an established one, it can benefit from this valuable addition.

Depending on the software the company selects, it experiences different advantages of this system, as some are more user-friendly and manageable than others. For example, the software Issue Tracker by eWorkplace Apps is easy to use and facilitates the speed of analysis.It sends instant alerts and notifications to avoid miscommunication, unnecessary delays and cuts down on missed opportunities.Apart from the robust management control and user-friendliness, it also requires minimal technical knowledge. Hence,simplifies the work of startups’ managers.

How to start using the software?

There are two ways to get an issue tracking tool:

  • Local installation –Thelocally installed version of the issue tracking system is installed on the user’s server.
  • Hosted Solution – A SaaS solution that is powered from the remote cloud infrastructure and can be accessed globally through an internet. It offers the same functionality as a locally installed software but can be updated more easily.

What are the features of these systems?

A perfect issue tracking system acts as a software application that is meant to record and follow the progress of every issue until it is resolved, wherean “issue” can be anything from a simple customer request to a detailed technical report of an error or a bug.

The main list of features provided by major issue tracking software includes:

  • Builds a collaborated environment
  • Provides a single version of information
  • Stays up-to-date with real-time and simultaneous update from multiple users
  • Assures data security
  • Offers advanced reporting capabilities
  • Automated notifications
  • Saves time through intelligent sort and search
  • Supports multiple platforms – mobile devices and web browsers

What does the ideal issue tracking solution bring to the development of start-ups?

There are numerous features of an issue tracking system which results in a significant contribution to startups working efficiently, including the manner in which it integrates with every department of your organization and works the way your organization works.

Some software of this kind allow startup companies to have unlimited use of issue tracking capabilities and to create as many projects as they desire. Adding details and attaching related documents is a tremendous improvement that speeds up the issue analysis significantly, and as a result its resolution.

LCEpEQ9sBeing a part of the startup that develops enterprise level applications for small to mid-size companies, we aim to help companies simplify their daily operations and increase the efficiency. In order to accomplish it, we have launched a free issue tracking software that manages all your project based issues. Visit http://www.issuetracker.eworkplaceapps.com to know more!

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