This Startup is Pushing the Idea of Remote Working

By @Connectvj –Interview with Ashish Malviya, Founder at Webricots – Digital Marketing agency.
We interviewed him to know in-depth about him & WEBRICOTS. This is the 10th Interview of our Startup Showcase Series.

Webricots is a globally operating digital marketing agency that serves almost everything from scratch to granish in this niche,be that Voice search or SEO, Web/App Development or Social media marketing.

It aims to provide extensive marketing strategies to their clients. Currently serving clients from almost all industry niches across the globe.

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Webricots is constantly pushing the idea of being remote working. They aim to generate more jobs without snatching people’s freedom to live and travel from place to place.

Explain your professional background briefly what lead you to build the company and how did you come up with the idea?

I am traveler by soul and I couldn’t gel up with the idea of exchanging major time and hours of your life for a job/money or a fancy looking cubicle to work in. Its 2018, We are already living in a digital age where communication is the most easiest thing to do. In this era, there is no reason to spend 8-9 hours everyday going to a same building, office or a workplace. Also, there is no reason to do anything that you no like doing, say a job you hate.

I completed my graduation in 2012 and was out on travel when Webricots, as an Idea, came to my mind. That time it was all about building up a product that would help local shop owners and retailers, well, as every entrepreneurship journey – It happened, I failed. During the span of 6 months while building up that product we started creating a digital service agency which later grew into ‘Webricots’. We work remotely and cater majority of big business from various parts of the globe including Hollywood celeb’s personal brand.

Since 2012, I have started 4 different businesses all from different niches like Video production to Adventure and they are all remotely operated with all their glory and success till now.

What difference are you creating for your customers?

Digital Marketing industry is already a very populated and competitive place now. We all know, that there are severals of them established almost all parts of India. In such highly populated genre where everyone is just trying to get the best bucks out of their client pocket.

We totally believe in understanding our client’s vision and KPI for their genuine business growth. Marketing is rapidly changing it’s pace and style of operating, with Webricots Media Production, Creative, strategy all come down to what you want to make happen and we go backwards to spend lowest amount of money to make it happen.We ensure our client’s KPI is in focus along with your business goal.

According to you, what are the advantages of digital marketing over Conventional Marketing?

This is not even debate-able now. Conventional marketing old, overpriced and non ROI. Digital is taking over the world in every form be that your cellphones, podcasts, blogs, Social media ads, Video creatives or Voice and It’s way more underpriced for agencies, vendors and business to market in.

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Not only this but it generates heavy amount of engagements that you can keep track off as compared to any means of conventional marketing like hoarding on a highway. Doesn’t matter what business you are in but definitely your target audience is currently on social media, using it and consuming tons of content there so market – where the attention is.

What challenges do you face within the market and the company?

I believe that through allowing people to operate remotely we have already unlocked the away of minimizing the challenges that a regular company faces. We don’t face any challenges as such. The only challenge lies is in the digital marketplace where it seems a little tough to make old businesses realise that producing digital content is way to go and they should do it as quick as possible.

The current environment in India + around the globe majorly lack the understanding of the harnessing the digital marketing power and using it to generate more businesses and sales. People who are doing it are gradually tasting the profits and understanding how it helps. I believe it will take time to be a fully grown most needed ‘requirement’ for businesses in India. For now, its happening slowly but it’s progressive.

What financing method did you choose to launch your company?

Savings, That’s it. If you have the correct way and approach towards what you want to accomplish then you don’t need a hefty amount to launch. It’s just how you proceed when you start.

Why do you think it’s important for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students to learn Digital Marketing today?

Well, I would say that this marketplace is about to change massively than ever before. With tremendous revolution in use of Voice, augmented reality and virtual reality we are about to go screen-less faster than we think. Use of more intelligent business applications and machine learning will be in place that will heavily impact the way we market our business. This change is currently growing in form Chatbots, so one can some one easily taste whats about to come.
As an Entrepreneur, you are have to be a constantly learning student especially during such big shifts in digital technology space. Keep learning and grow on that.

How much has the company changed since you started off?

A lot. I would say, We have emerged as a fully operative agency into multiple digital services. When we started we were very limited in terms of what we offer to businesses. With time, we have started serving alot and we are rapidly enhancing on that.

The major change I would say is that we have empowered alot of individuals who came onboard to work with us by making them work from their comfortable locations, while they travel and enjoy their life and family time as much as they want. We are giving them freedom to work from anywhere yet making sure that they earn full monthly salaries just like any-other MNC employee.

How do you see Digital Media evolving in future?

It’s already here I would say. We are already living in digital media evolution phase. From here Voice, AR, VR, AI, Bots, there is so much more. It’s all gonna be very different that what it is today when it’s completely on its’s peak and it’s going to happen so quick. Businesses and Digital agencies should realise this as soon as they can. The one who doesn’t might get left behind just like the business that never realised the power of Youtube and Amazon prime, Netflix advertisement over conventional TV ads.

What is Webricots’s ultimate vision?

It’s always a journey for me. There is a vision, I won’t say that its ultimate. As Webricots we just want grow rapidly on whats coming ahead and help other businesses to grow on it too.
We are seeking more of client satisfaction and generate healthy growing business societies which ultimately helps and educates individuals who are a part of such business team and industry.

What advice would you like to give the entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their own venture?

Don’t seek for the right time. Just start. This is the time you were looking for. There is tremendous amount of opportunities coming your way and as a venture you can totally nail it but only if you are prepared enough with better sense understanding and education about the same.

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Try to get a sense of how world will operate in next decade both technology and human behavior wise. If you can taste what it would be like, then you can easily gear up to all what you can serve to others. Plus make sure that you serve whole heartedly to your clients and make sure you provide more and more value to them compared to what you take from them as a business. I wish you luck and a fantastic journey ahead. Keeping Growing.

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