5 Effective Ways to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing In 2019


The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any inventory, create products or manage logistics. You can simply pick a few products that fit your target audience and start making a commission for every successful sale you generate.

Affiliate marketing is the most effective “passive income source” that you can use to make money online. I have made more than 30,00,000 Rupees from Affiliate Marketing last year.

You need the basics skills of digital marketing to start with affiliate marketing.

Here are 5 (no BS) ways to start affiliate marketing in 2019

5 Foolproof Ways to Increase Affiliate Marketing Income

#1. Choose “highly profitable” affiliate programs

The key to success in affiliate marketing is “choosing the right affiliate products”.

For example,

If you’re promoting a $100 worth affiliate product that gives you 10% commission, you’ll be earning $10 for every successful sale you generate using your affiliate links.

But if you find a product with “recurring commission” instead of one-time affiliate commission, you’ll be generating $10 every single month (not just once).

So which is better?

Earning $10 commission once or making $10 every single month?

One Time Effort + Recurring Commission = Passive Income

For instance, SEMrush offers you 40% recurring commission for every successful sale you make and their pricing plans start at $99 per month. That means, not only you’ll get paid $40 when the sale is made successfully but you’ll also earn a recurring commission of 40% of the subscription fee of every referral.

The best part is that you get that commission for the lifetime of your referral’s paid subscription to SEMrush. That means you get 40% commission, every single month (as long as they use their premium account on SEMrush).

Now your job is to find such products that offer recurring commission so you can earn passive income every single month (according to the product subscription plans) instead of getting paid just once.

So picking “recurring affiliate programs” is the best choice you can make if you’re getting started with affiliate marketing as you’ll be seeing huge profits in the long run instead of getting paid just once at a time.

You can pick recurring affiliate programs in one of the following categories

  • Email marketing (such as GetResponse, ConvertKit, AWeber etc)
  • SEO tools (SEMrush, Serpstat, SpyFu etc)
  • Web hosting affiliate programs (Kinsta, Rose Hosting etc)
  • WordPress themes (Thrive themes, Elegant themes etc)
  • eCommerce (Shopify, SamCart, Payhip etc)

Pick the right ones that suit your audience needs and start promoting them using the RIGHT strategies which leads me to the second most important point “educating your audience”.

#2. Educate your audience about the products

Here’s an insider tip if you want to make more affiliate sales: educate, don’t sell!

Observe any successful marketer, he will educate first and sell later. That’s the key to affiliate marketing success.

You can make people buying from you by creating awareness about the products first.

That being said, here are some of the ways to educate your audience about your affiliate products to increase your affiliate earnings.

  • Product reviews
  • Resources page
  • Case studies
  • Email newsletters
  • How to videos

Let’s quickly talk about how you can use the above content marketing strategies to educate your audience about your affiliate products to make more sales.

1. Product reviews

One of the best ways to increase your affiliate product sales is to write product reviews so you can easily educate your audience about them where you can list your pricing plans, pros, cons, features and so on. The key here is to write product reviews in an honest way, not just to increase your sales. Add a lot of screenshots, compare with other products, add various pros and cons to make them unbiased.

2. Resources page

Another important page on your site is to create a “resource page” where you can list out all the affiliate products you’re using (along with your affiliate referral links). There are so many bloggers who are using this type of resource page including Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse and so on.

What kind of products you can show? Literally, you can show any product including;

  • Email marketing tools you use
  • Themes you use
  • SEO tools
  • WordPress plugins and other software tools you use

3. Case studies

Case studies help you improve the overall sales of a particular affiliate product. They work well because they add a ton of value to your visitors. Pick a problem, find a suitable product to promote, explain how to solve that problem using that product. That’s it!

4. Email Newsletters

If you’re looking to book more profits with affiliate marketing, make sure to spend money and time on building an active email list because that’s where the money is. You should never hard sell though. Make sure to create high value email newsletter sequences and offer discounts or promos in between to increase your affiliate sales.

5. Solution Videos

If you’re interested in doing video marketing, creating how to videos and tutorials around your affiliate products can work like a charm as you can use both on your blog and your YouTube channel. Video tutorials are easy to watch, easy to digest and people will be interested in buying from you if your products are solving their problems.

#3. Learn how to outrank your competitors in search

Affiliate marketing and SEO go hand in hand.

Google sends you highly qualified visitors from search where you can get higher conversions. SEO converts way better than other promotional channels including social media.

The key here is to learn 2 or 3 evergreen SEO strategies and use them to outrank your competitors.

For that, you firstly need to make a list of at least 10 to 15 competitor sites in your niche.

Find out their top performing pages (finding profitable keyword for SEO is a must), make sure to also list out the top products which are helping them to make more sales. You can also create any hosting niche related website to improve your overall sales.

Now, your job is to create 10x better content around those topics, offer way better discounts or exclusive promos, use call to actions at the right places, build quality links to start outranking your competitors in search.

Although it takes time to outrank your competitors organically but it’s worth your time and money. If you want faster results, make sure to find low competitive long tail keywords so you can drive targeted visitors to your site from search engines.

#4. Provide exclusive offers and discounts

Why should someone buy affiliate products from you instead of your competitors?

If you can answer the question, you’ll be far ahead of your competition. Most beginners who are new to affiliate marketing just plaster ads all over their website (hoping to make more sales).

Does it work? No. People don’t visit your websites to buy something from your site (unless you’re an authority in your niche).

That’s why you need to provide exclusive offers and discounts to lure your visitors to buy affiliate products from you instead of your competitors.

How can you offer exclusive offers on various affiliate products you promote?

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you can find a ton of discounts if you’ve access to the affiliate managers of the products you are promoting. Ask them for better deals and discounts to offer to your audience.

Let’s take Bluehost web hosting affiliate program for example, there are so many people who get extra benefits like they can offer Bluehost hosting plans at $1 cheaper (and they also get higher payout commissions like $100 per sale instead of standard commission which is $65/sale).

You should convince the affiliate managers that you’ve the ability to send them more customers through your affiliate links. Show them your previous track records, your traffic and your conversion rates, most of them would be glad to provide you extra incentives.

Another incredible way to make more affiliate sales is to use special days such as black Friday, Cyber Monday weeks. During these days, you can find a ton of products offering up to 90% (or even more) discounts with a limited period of time.

That’s when you can make more sales by creating deal pages (adding special coupons, promos), using landing pages and appealing banners.

#5. Give a try to paid promotion

It takes money to make money in affiliate marketing. You need to invest few dollars on paid promotion especially when you don’t have enough online reputation or a new website with less authority.

There are multiple ways to do paid promotion to increase your affiliate sales including;

  • Using PPC ads (aka AdWords ads on Google)
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Quora ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Forums (such as Warrior Forum where you can buy ad places)

The key here is to choose ONE specific platform such as Facebook, Google or Quora and try different ad copies, perform A/B test and see how many people are actually converting.

You should also analyse your ad budget (that means, you should go for the cheapest platform to place ads where you can yield higher returns for the money spent).

Try, try and try more. That’s the key to paid promotion success. Make sure to use landing pages instead of using affiliate links directly into your ads. Bring visitors to your landing pages, offer some exclusive deals or freebies and then use the call to actions to convert them into sales.
Final thoughts about increasing your sales from affiliate marketing

Whether you know it or not, the affiliate marketing industry is going to become a 7 billion dollar industry by 2020. It’s growing rapidly and the opportunities are unlimited.

So why not jumping into affiliate marketing now instead of waiting for more? Just make sure to define your target audience so you can find and promote the right products that offer you lucrative commissions.

Did you like the affiliate marketing tips mentioned in this post?

Let me know if I can help you.

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