[email protected] Invites Startups to Apply for it’s Equity-Free Acceleration Program

Viridian Accelerator Centre ([email protected]) is back with the sixth edition of #AccessXcceleration, inviting early-stage startups across all sectors.

#AccessXcceleration is a one-of-its-kind acceleration program which provides an ‘equity free’ acceleration to startups. Click Here to Apply

While the Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decade, the number of failed startups paints a very different picture.

A report by IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics found that 90% of Indian startups fail within the first five years.

While complicated compliances and socio-economic conditions play a major role here, there are two primary factors that attribute to these statistics.

The first factor is the lack of early-stage accelerators in the country. Young entrepreneurs need optimum guidance at the idea stage. The problem with most of the accelerators is that they usually look for startups that have their revenue stream systemised.

While the number of startups has been on the rise, the number of accelerators have also grown simultaneously. But there are just a few who cater to the early stage startups. 

The second factor is the rise of early-stage venture capitalists who add to the startup Deadpool count. First-time entrepreneurs lack experience and they do not have hefty funds at their disposal, they need time to analyse the optimum utilisation or the correct time to raise funds.

Against the popular belief, funding is not the prime indicator of success. The capital requirement differs from business to business and an entrepreneur should always consider options to raise funds before giving up equity. 

[email protected], with its enablement-based acceleration program, aims to shape the business mindset of entrepreneurs besides helping them build their startup. The program has two modules and the applicants are inducted on the basis of the stage at which their businesses are.

MODULE 1 is for startups who are at the idea stage. The module focuses on early-stage startups and is aimed at transforming an idea into a running business.

Entrepreneurs get to test their ideas and validate the market, create a concrete business plan, and even start generating revenue before they present a strong case to investors. 

MODULE 2 is for growth-seeking startups who have established proof of concept with a ready prototype.

At the end of the program, startups will have market-validated products with operating process flows in place and an operating framework, apart from the opportunity to pitch to a panel of mentors and investors.

The program provides startups with dedicated enablers along with the exposure given by successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors. 

[email protected] invites all upcoming unicorns to #AccessXcceleration and apply for the August’19 cohort. Apply now at



[email protected] Invites Startups to Apply for it’s Equity-Free Acceleration Program

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