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TruckSuvidha – connecting transporters, industries, logistics & truck drivers [ My Story ]

TruckSuvidha is an online platform connecting transporters, industries, logistics & truck drivers for the timely and effective communication. TruckSuvidha is created with a single purpose, to utilize the available resources and provide an opportunity to boost business for existing players in the logistics industry.

trucksuvidhaThe word Suvidha suggests we are here to help. The idea is to bring about a change in the existing scenario and streamline the process of booking a truck by bringing all the players online. Till now it has been a successful attempt.

How did the idea for your company come about?



The idea came from an actual experience when we were to transport some material inter-state. We realized how unorganized this sector was, which required a bit of technology & innovation to turn things around. Some common problems were the hassle a customer has to face while booking a truck, difficult life of a truck driver and potential business losses faced by transporters all of which had a solution. We are here to provide that solution.

Founders detail with brief profile –

Amit Punaini and Ishu Bansal are the founders of TruckSuvidha. Amit Punaini is a businessman by profession who is always passionate about new ventures. His vision is to make the use of technology to uplift the society led to this venture. With an aim to organize the unorganized sector he believes that change is for the good and we should adapt to it. Ishu Bansal is a software engineer by profession who had a vision to own a startup that makes a difference. As it is said like minds think alike, he with technical background and Amit with his resources are set on a path to bring about some change for the society.


There are many challenges that we are facing in this business. Few of them are providing knowledge of internet to our users, changing the mind-set of the people, upliftment of truck drivers as well as whole transport industry, eliminating the communicational gap between them, etc.

Team Pic

Key services differentiating from the rest?

These are the three unique features which offer a solution to the current problem. Load board keeps a track of all the loads on TruckSuvidha be it posted by a transporter or customer. If you want to transport some goods then just post it here. We will do the rest. Similarly, Truck Board keeps a track of all the available trucks for the customer to view. The customer can select the truck based on their requirements. Distance calculator is a feature of the new age technology.

Feed in the origin of the journey with the destination and it will give you the most optimum route for your journey with information of tolls on the road. This feature can be used by all to optimize their journey. Most of our competitors have a sizeable cut in eat and every deal, on the other hand we offer are services at easy affordable prices. Our services and subscriptions are unique and we plan to introduce more such facilities over a period of time which nor only proves helpful for the customers but the entire industry as a whole.

Future Goal –

We plan to expand our businesses to transportation within cities, provide an option to shift houses, local transportation of goods and if possible move across borders. It’s a simple yet bold plan and we have all the motivation to make it a reality.

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