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Part of being a human being means having limitations, and Trilyo makes it possible for businesses to overcome these with a live virtual assistant that never sleeps.

the conversation-driven platform which is proudly called TIA (Trilyo Interactive Assistant), is run by Artificial intelligence which makes it all the more powerful than other messaging platforms or live chats.

In case of a live chat, a human representative is made to sit behind a system for customer support. Unfortunately, if the agent is busy or offline, an interested customer might just walk away because there was no one to answer his queries.

In fact, a minute odd delay in replying to customer’s question might feel like a lifetime. This could result in a huge loss for a business. So, here Trilyo takes part solves all the queries of your customer.

Explain your professional background briefly what lead you to build the company and how did you come up with the idea?

Both of us founders are born on the same date i.e. 19th July. Which is very rare. We met at TCS 8 years back and were playing Guitar together. It was July 2015, when the idea of reducing the manpower through Artificial Intelligence came to us.

I believe we already were successful with this idea of Trilyo Chatbot and we can be more by advancing it and focusing on each and every little details which is important to build a better service tool.

Before devoting my work full time to Trilyo, I Abhishek Moharana the Co-Founder and CEO at Trilyo, studied at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, following which I served as a Senior Consultant at PWC.

With extensive knowledge across the field of Information Technology, Investment Banking and Advisory, I used my innovative insights to build a solid foundation for corporate clients. My forte lies in building strategic partnerships, drive sales & product management.

With an experience of more than 11 years, Gaurav Gambhir the Co-founder and CTO at Trilyo’s complex technical ideas with the ability to distill them into user friendly interfaces is where his expertise lies.

Formerly part of Bank of America and Ernst & Young, Gaurav secured the Golden Beam Award at Ernst & Young. Additionally, his proficiency in building enterprise application has saved millions for his clients.

Gaurav prides himself in providing all his clients, individual and institutional, the most precise and state of the art technology, giving them a realistic outlook to what they can expect to achieve in today’s market.

What difference are you creating for your customers?

We thought to our self how awesome it would be if you could message a business just like you message a friend at any time of the day & get a quick and instant reply, because who doesn’t love instant responses.

What’s more, texting doesn’t even take your full attention like a phone call does.

And all this without having to install a new app. Well, that’s the disruptive power of TrilyoBot, and we’re just getting started!

TIA which halves the manpower needed for customer support also lets you save those extra pennies, which we call ‘commission Businesses’; without any third-party’s intervention.

This reduced dependency on third-parties such as Online Travel Agencies (Makemytrip, Expedia etc.) which definitely steals the show because it not only lets brands save up on the commission paid to them, but the customer’s information remains with them too.

All this concludes in 30x increased customer engagement, 20x faster interactions and 40x more sales for businesses, thanks to a round-the-clock availability packed with robust features that gets customers hooked on starting from the visitor stage up to a happy customer level.

Tell us about Trilyo’s voice services and how is it changing the conventional way?

Trilyo is creating the next level of customer experience in hotels. Our voice-based concierge service using Amazon Echo is the first in hotels. Millennial business travelers expect everything to be lean and smart, and that’s exactly where we are helping hotels turn intelligent and technology savvy.

What challenges do you face within the market and the company?

Hospitality Industry as we all know is $550bn market but when we see the adoption of technology, they are probably 10-15 years behind other industries.

The Hilton or the Marriot’s own a very small share in the entire Industry and have the potential to invest in tech aggressively to augment customer service with quick adoption of new tech while the rest cannot afford to do that.

What they are looking for is a potential tech partner like Trilyo who can help them upgrade to AI and Tech in general. There are a huge number of 3-star and 4-star players in the market who are looking to bring AI in Customer experience and that’s where Trilyo is helping.

What financing method did you choose to launch your company?

Initially we were a completely bootstrapped company but eventually the unique concept of Trilyo ChatBot lead us to get funded by a group of companies and angels.

How much has the company changed since you started off?

While starting the company, we were focusing on the restaurant industry and later moved on to the hospitality industry. It can be attributed to the fact that our product was better suited for hotels than restaurants.

We now have the right product-market fit; observing a consistent flow of income which indicates primary revenue stream has been identified and hence we are turning on the heat on marketing activities to ensure that we are the leaders in the space of AI for hotels.

How do you see customer engagement sector evolving in future?

Trilyo runs on three major mantra’s that is acquire, engage and grow. About the customer engagement sector, yes it is definitely going to evolve on a large scale in near future.

When talking about hotels, customer service is a part of guest’s everyday existence. In fact, it should be the reason for the existence and not a chore to be endured.

A good and successful business relishes in giving great service to their guests. And they subsequently enjoy success because of the fact that a happy customer is the reason for happier hotel businesses.  Booking online or via OTA is just 30% of your entire hotel journey and the balance 70% is what determines continuous revenue growth, customer loyalty and eventually builds better hotel reputation

What is Trilyo’s ultimate vision?

Trilyo is aiming to reposition itself and focus on a bigger scale that the hotel industry is. We are even looking to raise series A US $ 2.5-3 million in the upcoming months.

Chatbot is our go-to-market product but the bigger picture lies in bringing AI in the customer experience space within the hospitality industry. Chatbots are more like a commodity today but if we consider customer journey it’s not just limited to chat experience.

The millennial travelers expect luxury that is lean and smart as I said earlier. We’re making hotels smarter with the help of AI wherever there is an element of smart customer experience. The ultimate vision is to enhance the hospitality industry as much as we can.

What advice would you like to give the entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their own venture?

Too early to answer such questions but, I think one should be aware, active and keep looking at things which can improve your product.

Growth of any company with an idea and money can be a successful one if one knows how to use the money, which market would be a good investment or which one will not give a good return. Clearly it all depends upon a well-researched and prepared plan.

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