Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Influence.

If you are going to grow your business, one of the primary things you will have to do is to increase your influence. Influence is the ability to change other people’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and if you are going to bring in other business builders and grow your organization, you will need to do just that.

Attraction is the key to influencing others. When we are transformed into people who others want to follow, it makes influencing easier. The key thought is that it isn’t what you do to yourself. What you can do is important but who are is all important.

So, what are the top 10 ways we can transform ourselves into attraction influencers? Glad you asked! Here they are. Work on these and you will find yourself gaining more and more influence in the lives of others.

#1. Maintain impeccable character. Make your character one that others know and trust.

Ultimately, the relationship between leader and follower or seller and buyer is one of trust. Being a person of integrity whose word is the bond is the key aspect of being attractive to others and gaining influence. If they don’t trust you, they won’t follow you.

#2. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Make sure you are a person of excellence.

Have you done a self-evaluation lately? Are your striving for excellence in every area of your life? Or have you settled for mediocrity, average, or status-quo? People are attracted to excellence. That’s why advertisers pay millions of dollars to champion athletes to sell us goods — because we are influenced by their excellence.

#3. Help others in all that you do. Make sure that you are a win-win person who does things so that everybody can enjoy the fruits of the victory.

The Great Zig Ziglar, has said “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want out of life.” When we give ourselves sacrificially to others, they respond by allowing us to have influence in their lives.

#4. Be Successful at what you do. Success is the ultimate influencer.

We are attracted to successful people. Successful people have influence in the lives of others. So, if you want to have influence at another level, the best thing you can do is succeed right where you are — and that will give you the chance to go further.

#5. Speak well.

Speaking is a powerful tool of influence. Speak well and you will attract others to follow you. Learning to speak better is one of the best ways you can improve yourself.

#6. Don’t give up.

Don’t quit at average. Go further than anyone else. I am convinced that people who succeed are simply the people who continue on when others quit.

Have you ever noticed how so many successful people have amazing stories of persistence in the face of obstacles and adversity?

#7. Be known as the “go to” person.

Develop the reputation that you can and will get the job done. People respect and admire others who get the job done. Take on tasks that others don’t want and finish tasks that others give up on.

#8. Be generous.

Give to others. Help others. Let others succeed, make money, and gain recognition. Being generous will help you make a heart connection with others and they will give you the opportunity to speak into their lives and give direction.

#9. Be Interesting.

People are attracted to people who are interesting. One way to become interesting is to be well-read. I read all sorts of books and magazines so that I can speak to all kinds of people. You should too. When we are well-read and up to date on what is going on in the world, we will never be left out of a conversation. If we add value through the conversation, people will be influenced.

#10. Be Interested.

Even more important than being interesting is being interested in the people you are working with. Let people know that you care about them and are interested in their lives. Consider their interests more important than your own. As you do, you will see yourself being recognized more and more as a leader and an influencer.

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