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These 5 common points between literature and sales will blow your mind

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After an attempt to analyze my sales team, I realized a sudden similarity between literature and sales. Although literature in itself is a varied subject and multiple theories of this discipline can be applied to our everyday lives, I would like to align few aspects which literature and sales share in common.

Here are the 5 major “concepts” which prove sales is alike literature:

Psychology :

‘How will you understand a buyer’s thought process?’- Is this what your team lead asks when he prepares you for a sales meeting? He does? Then he’s asking you to read the psychology of the buyer.
How will you sell your product or service to the client if you have no idea about what he actually wants you to deliver for him? Just like when you try to grab the concept working in a book while you read it, in sales you try to conceptualize the mind of your client.

Feminism :

‘Vote for women!’- If you are a feminist, then you would know what my point of discussion would be. Everyone listens to a woman…don’t you? Feminism works everywhere. For example, take the case of our Parliament. We have seats reserved for females. Then why not in sales!
According to Katrena Friel, author of Sex Sells, says “women excel at sales because they bring feminine energy to a traditionally masculine activity”. Therefore, companies prefer females over males for sales. Hire more and more female members for your sales team and go the feminine way.

Logic or justification:

If you are a reader, you’ll relate to the point I’m going to make here. Each author tries to make a point which is justified using examples or the story in itself is a justification for whatever said.
Similarly, when you try to sell your product to someone, you come up with those strategies or points which you think clearly delivers the core values of your product. For example, if I’m trying to sell a cloud based app to an organization, I cannot simply ask him to get our product just because it’s good! I need to discuss similar cases which our services have solved in the past, hitting the pain-points of the buyer.
Hence, the person you’re talking to or target can relate and understand what and how will his problem be solved using your product (or what may improve).

Stories (fiction or real-time):

We all like reading or listening to stories and everyone of us have read real-life stories or fictions written by famous authors. Right? At the end, we either like it or we don’t and come up with varied opinions. Now listen to this: What do you do when you need to sell your product?
Do you just point out the good things in your service and sell it? No! You present real time cases or just make up with a situation to justify what you are saying. A logic takes place when you present it with some structure and stories do it the best way.

Varied point of views:

What do you do after you have read a book and understood every logic behind it? You majorly come with your own opinions to decide for yourself whether it’s good or not. Similar is in the case of sales. After you have successfully educated your callers about your service, it is them who shall decide whether to get your service or not (after all ‘tis the readers who decides the success of a book).

Literature doesn’t restrict its utility to books. Its knowledge could be applied in business as well. Start understanding and create the buzz of your product all around.

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